Sunset in The City

After many days of chasing a sunset shot from the KICC, this day was to be the lucky day. All other days had been marred by overcast skies and premature sunsets by mother nature. These shots were taken on the day I met up with some legendary photographers from Kenya; Omondi Abu, Jude Xavier, James Quest, Amunga Eshuchi & David Sikobe. It was an amazing meet as I had only communicated with some of them on facebook.

We shot until around 8pm from the rooftop of the KICC, about 30 floors up. Well this is the first of several shots I got from up there. I was delighted to get the sunset and I hope you love it too. I have developed a liking to including a black & white version of the shots too.

Enjoy and share as much as possible.


13 thoughts on “Sunset in The City

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  2. As a Kenyan living abroad the thought of Nairobi evokes memories of dust, pick-pockets, kifua driving,govt offices that run a little too slow,.. but the images you captured and your message are refreshing. Keep up the good work. About your hope of one day selling your work, just keep doing what you love, I’m sure the result is rewarding and I would not be surprised at further reward in the future.

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