I Do :: Beth & Brian

Beth & Brian had one of the most special weddings I have attended , with the small bits of it making it extra special. From the musical cup cakes I continuously munched(photographer benefit is that you get to have one of the brides maids passing by with cake for you to ‘taste’), to the quirky dance Beth and her line up did for her husband…it was really exciting and short. The wedding started at 2pm and ended at 6pm…I was done shooting by 7.30pm.

A great challenge was that all the places I had planned to shoot from were occupied due to a rain scare that changed the setting a bit. Te reception ended at 6.15pm or so…giving me about 15 minutes of beautiful light left. I decided to shoot the bride & groom first using the awesome golden sunlight and had to squeeze out 15 minutes of photography for them…scariest moments(thankfully I managed), you can see the photos and let me know whether I succeeded or not.

Enjoy their wedding..

This dance was hilarious. Brian was not expecting it at all. I cant remember the song well…but it had lyrics saying “…let’s do something dumb tonight, let’s get married tonight..” or something like that.

To Beth & Brian…all happiness in the world. And friends who don’t want to pillow you to death.

Marry You by Bruno Mars(accoustic cover)


40 thoughts on “I Do :: Beth & Brian

  1. This has been the only wedding photo shoot that I /the bridal party had fun participating in. (And photographer dissing us) lol. Awesome job mutua , to Beth & Brian all the happines in the world.

  2. I loooove the photos !! the pillow fight one is awesome. I don’t know the couple but all the best to them. Recognized two of the bridesmaids small world…. :)

  3. awesome work Muts!! hiyo pillow fight … yu killed it!! kali sana!!
    Now for a little tutorial … how do yu people 1.shoot indoors? … hapo na struggle sana 2. outdoors in the evening after sunset?

    • Asante KG. So now indoors kama ni too dark like the last shot, I used lights. Shooting after sunset shall also take extra lighting or pushing your lenses to the max. Shooting during sunset though is the best option. Use the sunlight for backlight or side light

  4. AWESOME work Muts kama kawaida!!!!! I love the photos. I’m with Melissa, funnest photo shoot ever! Beth & Brian mad love and many many more happy days ahead together :-)

  5. noma sana io! umeshika hii day vinoma, one feels part of it….

    Beth n Brian, all da best! waitin for the tune thats surely got to emanate from your house…

  6. wooooow…i can feel the fun, love, joy and laughter radiating from the photos.. meeeeeeeeein… i loooove!!! awesome work… if ever a post made me want to have a wedding, its this one:))… cheers

  7. Kumbe that’s what you people were doing huko upstairs all that time, pillow fighting. should have known!! unfair i missed it :(

  8. Bucket, now who told you to be hiding downstairs?? :-) Miss you Bro. To Muts, this was a wonderful day and I am even more greatful that you captured it for us and we’ll be able to enjoy these moments forever. Great Job and God continue to increase your skill.

  9. For sure that was a fantastic day. No stress, just fun. @ Mutua, the song was Marry you by Bruno Mars. great job with the shoot :)

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