I DO :: Kim + Charity

Hey guys. Today I post a photos from a wedding that had me scared before doing it because it was at the Windsor hotel. Now you should know that I always make it a point to take a photo that is different from what I have seen just so that we aren’t all the same as photographers in our work. The Windsor is one of the most popular shooting point for weddings and I made it my purpose not to take a photo like any I had seen before. So yeah.

Charity & Kim are one couple that love photos and that worked to my advantage. Hey, I’d rather shoot a photo happy couple than one afraid of photos. They were absorbed in each other and the ceremony was beautiful despite the heat. Explains why my hat has lately seemed to be the uniform while shooting weddings :). My second shooter was Amunga and he did an amazing job covering my butt from different angles. I like that I never have to tell him anything when we are shooting because he understands how I shoot and I understand how he shoots and we end up getting the opposite sides of the same thing.

That is all I can say for now. Enjoy the photos, it’s going to be a long post, if you have a complaint about that, let me know in the comments below :).

As I was shooting Charity’s morning prep session, Amunga was doing the same over at Windsor, which is where Kim was getting ready for their big day.

A moment to reminisce on how far they’ve come. Brought a tear…errrm some sweat from Kim’s eye.

As with every African, or is it Kenyan wedding, there has to be some dancing.

As Amunga was shooting this one (above). I was shooting this one (below)

And it was a wrap. These last photos we actually shot on the way out at the lobby. It was an amazing day and we had fun shooting it.

To Charity & Kim, all the best that life has to offer. May God bless your union and keep you guys happy and smiling and in favor with both Him and man.

35 thoughts on “I DO :: Kim + Charity

  1. woooh, wooh you should be doing more wedding posts Muts, this one just blew me away, you and Amunga did a remarkable job and am glad that you took the challenge to shooting unique photos and making this wedding unique for the couple. Remarkable job and God bless the newly weds!

  2. Lovely… I was wondering where I know Charity from :-) I think I remember! MutuaMatheka; you have really tested the limits of your low light capabilities this time. And you made it! Congs… greatness in you coming through.

  3. As always, Mutua u av ur own way of making a true living dream come true for people!! Good Job!! Loving the angles and the effects used!!

  4. you definitely have a way of playing with the lights to your advantage very smart of you especially how the lights were reflected in the water. really cool

  5. Wooooohooooooo, I must say I enjoyed the photos. Super precision, breathtaking grandeur, bravura couple and of course distinctive photographers. What do I say: voila Amunga and Mutua.

  6. I like the one in the evening with the lights reflected in the water. The night shots are just awesome, my favorites are the ones with the blue string lights. Love the macro shots, little details add to the story. Nice!

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