“Film Is Fun” Photography Workshop

Hi people. I know we live in a time when we have a photography revolution. It’s an absolutely amazing thing that now more than ever we have the most amazing cameras and have so many of them available to us. The unfortunate thing is that with all this availability of cameras, it’s also the time when there have been very few photographers. We’d like to help you change that, if only just a bit. Many times a better photo can be achieved by just a careful consideration of light direction, texture and a few other simple things. The mastery of these may take time but the realization of these things takes but a moment.

Steve Kitoto & I, Mutua Matheka would like to invite you to our very first Photography workshop (made possible by the Workshop Company) where the focus shall be ‘Basic Steps to Better Photography’. For 2 hours on Saturday 14th April, 2012, we shall share with you tips & tricks we have collected in our experience and help you make a better photo just by changing the way you shoot & view photography. This is generally geared toward anyone who is starting out, if you are already shooting and have your blog and what not, this may not be for you. So all you pphotography enthusiasts who want to be a little more than a camera owner, come through, if you can’t, buy this for a friend. Space is limited so please book early. We are only taking 15 people because we can’t accommodate more.

You can book by calling Amina 0722 134575 or emailing her ‘amina@theworkshop.co.ke’.

11 thoughts on ““Film Is Fun” Photography Workshop

  1. You are such an inspiration… I always have to tell you that!!! i wish i was in Kenya right now!!!! Feel bad i will miss the workshop!!!! Please, u should also make an effort to come in Rwanda :) :) We would be happy to have you at any cost!!!

  2. Good idea and all. I just wish I could make it too many things for me to do on that day that can’t be postpone. :-(

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