Film Is Fun :: Basic Steps to Better Composition Workshop

Hey guys. Workshop number 2 is here. We had a very successful Workshop number 1 on Basic Steps to Better Photography, in this one, we focussed on basic stuff we can do to make ourselves infinitely better at photography. We had a great bunch of guys who either really enjoyed it or did a great job making Steve & I think we did a great job :). Either way, we shall go with what we thought. The Workshop was sold out and unfortunately we had to turn back a few people who were asking to join the day before the workshop(talk about last minute Kenyans). The point is to have a small group of 15 and be open to questions and discussion.

This time we focus on composition with focus on the human form. I think it’s gonna be cool and fun for those that come. First priority goes to the Workshop 1 attendees and if some cancel, we have room. 12th May is the date and the location details are emailed to attendees after they book their attendance. Steve Kitoto & I, Mutua Matheka are facilitating the workshop which is put together by the Workshop Company.

You can book by calling Amina 0722 134575 or emailing her ‘’.

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