Hi guys. It has been a while since we had a wedding post here so today, I’d like to present Michael & Jackie, a couple that resides in the US and had come to Kenya to do their wedding with friends and loved ones. This wedding presented me with one unforeseen challenge, it was going to be at nightish. It was an evening wedding with a night reception, and I found this out a few days to the wedding so you can imagine I was a bit shocked as I had never shot a night wedding but as we say at oneTouch, “Adapt”…and adapt I did.

So the following are events happening between 2.00pm-ish and 11.00pm-ish as captured by me & my trusty side-shooter, Amunga Eshuchi.

And finally we were on the way to the wedding venue.

And we moved on swiftly to the reception, cue in dancing, getting down or as King Julien would say “shaking our makers of money..”

And I finish off with this photo of the lovely family. As mother & daughter strut their stuff.

More of my wedding photos can be found on my dedicated wedding page(see the link up there) and on my website too(mutuamatheka.co.ke). Do have a lovely day.

10 thoughts on “MICHAEL + JACKIE ::: A WEDDING POST

  1. I dreamed of a wedding of elaborate elegance,
    A church filled with family and friends.
    I asked him what kind of a wedding he wished for,
    He said one that would make me his wife……congrats Michael n Jackie

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