I Do :: Jayjay + Beth

Toward the end of last year I shot the wedding of a long term friend of mine, Jayjay & his beautiful bride, Beth. Fantastic wedding. Really had a lot of fun shooting it plus it was the first time Ben Kiruthi & I were shooting a wedding together. I was his second shooter & he was my second shooter…it worked out great. Very little stress on this day, beautiful location. I got heat from one of the church deacons for wearing an earring….errrm…that awkward moment.

On to the photography, enjoy.

I remember on my wedding day too…that moment, when she walks down that isle….it can’t be described without shedding a tear. The beginning of something beautiful, something greater than you.

From their expressions, that cake might have been rock solid…’sorry Beth’.

Then a bunch of people from JKUAT came to be exorcised haha!

That should be my longest blog post, yes? If you seen longer niambie, tell me! That was a good wedding and I remember Mrs. M & I got home tired but happy.

As we do here, all the best of life to you Jayjay & Beth. Enjoy all that marriage has to offer and then enjoy more.

23 thoughts on “I Do :: Jayjay + Beth

  1. Wow, wow, love em to bits bro…the colours, sharpness and the moments!!! Too deadly, God bless the work of your hands. It was a real honour shooting alongside you and I hope this year we will have more and more opportunities to shoot pamoja. Be Blessed

  2. Ilani: Mtu yeyote atakaye osha nguo gari ama mwili… Mlikuwa mnafanya nini hapo?…..

    @Muts, beautiful work as always. It’s an honour to know you. At J and Beth :-) God bless you both. Our kids will PLAY together, no?

  3. wow dude u have MAD skillz i love how the pics are soooo crystal clear and the black and white effects…ahhhhhh in love with it!!!barakaz!

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