Tasty Tuesday – Full Blown Breakfast

I had woken up at 5am to go shoot. Anyone who knows me knows that 5am is like midnight in my vocabulary. It was not interesting waking up but when it came to tearing down this…

…I definitely forgot all the torture of waking up. See on this day, I was doing an experimental shoot(well, experimental only in the fact that it was shot at sunrise and at Uhuru park, yes, Uhuru park) with a couple who got married a while back. They are the only couple I know who can still fit into their wedding gowns so I called them up for a sunrise shoot in the city and ended up shooting this….



..of course among many more that you may see later. But on to the purpose of this post, the breakfast to be enjoyed afterward. Toasted bread with butter, Egg, Potato wedges, Bacon & some example of a salad. Please, please, enjoy it with me.

You need a double house coffee to go down with it. Yes, I do love me my coffee early in the morning.

Have an awesome tasty Tuesday people.

9 thoughts on “Tasty Tuesday – Full Blown Breakfast

  1. Yummy, man wish I was there, next time uniamshe pia :-), and yes those photos look awesome, good work with the lighting and they look too sharp!, can’t wait for the pics to see how they turned out

  2. Wow, the coffee just finishes it off so well! I’m off to make a cup right now… BTW I think I will be getting my camera soon. I want to look up your blog where you said that you were often asked for advice on cameras. This will be my first ever, haha, except for my trusty cellphone used in my earlier illustrations of my poems, lol! My son said Nikon, and my brother said Fuji. Been looking at Bid or Buy SA. The T300 14 mp 10x optical zoom sounds good to me. Any ideas? I would really appreciate your input, Mutua. Thanks in anticipation.

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