Wallpaper Monday [75] – Sun Burst

Hello people. It’s Monday again *insert your damn! here* but thankfully you Kenyan’s are going to be enjoying the day off tomorrow so it can’t be such a bad Monday, can it? Either way, start the week with stride dreaming big dreams and doing big things. God bless you all.

Bake Awards.

As you may know this blog has been nominated for the BAKE(Bloggers Association of Kenya) award in the photography category. Here I have been nominated alongside friends, Ben Kiruthi & Joe makeni. Ya’ll can vote for either of them but more importantly, me :)! All the details are on there so go ahead and vote vote vote!!! Voting ends on Thursday 3rd May so don’t hesitate. Voting is happening HERE!

Wallpaper Monday [75] – Sun Burst

Some time back, a few friends and I took a random photography trip to the rift valley and then back to Magadi. It was fun and I have meaning to do something like that again sometime but somehow it hasn’t happened again…yet! This photograph was shot just before the sun set. It was a cloudy day and I expected some more drama in the sky’s but I was happy with this at least until I go back and pray the Lord blesses me with another sunset.

Download the wallpaper by choosing your resolution below:

Thanks for coming through. Have a great day ahead.

Thanks for viewing and downloading. Remember, if it’s your first time here, you can get all other wallpaper here.

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