I Do :: Faith and Skubi

Hi guys. Some of my closest friends, Faith & Skubi wedded sometime last year and I had the distinct pleasure of covering it. Well, I had told them that if they didn’t select me I would just make the photographer they choose have a hard time shooting so they may as well pick me…they were wise to heed my warning.

I loved shooting this wedding because their story is one amazing one(needs 2 blog posts so not today), I actually really looked forward to their wedding because of this. From meeting at film school and taking it to the altar, they had their paths designed by God. Skubi makes her laugh…a lot and that made the photos very happy ones. Please look through & enjoy. I shall try throwing in my commentary as we go so do not ignore it or their shall be dire consequences….Grab some popcorn & coffee, this is gonna be a long post.

*Meanwhile Skubi is smiling through his worries…rather, fantasies of married life…hhhmmm..*

*behold the bride..she really is the one…not a case of Rachel & Leah*

*Chuck Taylor himself checked in to make sure their soles were saved*

*Then, we danced…ok they, they danced…I photographed…*

*and they danced…*

*and danced….*

*till they could dance no more..*

*and it was time for cake…the only time I legally put down my camera…(after the shot)..and goble cake*

*yep!..that done, I can get back to photographing the wedding…*

*See, i’m not the only protective of their cake…*

*this last one is courtesy of Mwangi Kirubi aka Mwarv who was shooting the wedding with me*

Faith & Skubi, I know you are seeing these for the first time here. I hope they blow your minds in a positive way and offer a good surprise to you today. Wishing you guys all of God’s blessing in your marriage and more. May our children play together in this lifetime.


2nd Shooter – Mwangi Kirubi aka Mwarv

Video – Michael Katetei & George Kanyingi. View the video!!

95 thoughts on “I Do :: Faith and Skubi

  1. Wooow!! Awsm 1s, my best ni… The 1 they r sign the certs..,the 1 with the shoes standn on a bench, then the cake of cos!! Jst awsm! Btw if u eva nid an intern,kip me in mind!hehe

  2. I love these photos! Such a beautiful couple and the converse theme is different…in a good way :).
    Beautiful work Mutua as always.

  3. I wear Converse 24/7… different types..
    This is great idea for my wedding too..
    Nice theme.

    and I love the way Faith & Skubi connect… best friends and lovers. Congrats

  4. Shee! Tumengoja hizi picha sana! But the wait was well worth it. So, this is what it means to be professional! Wello done!

  5. Standing ovation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! madd talent on lens :) and the couple wow! forget stereotype…..i feel like i just watched a love story on some video….amazing with swag :)

  6. Wow. I’ve seen some of your other wedding work but this one…..speechless. I looked at alot of US/UK/SA weddings when I was doing a wedding blog and these photos could easily compete with most of what I’ve seen. Keep it up!

  7. the photos are beautiful and the clarity eish omera i got no words!!!
    and they wore converse on their wedding!!! totally off the hoook OSAM!!!! :-)

  8. I’ve seen Converse shoes on some U.S. wedding blogs, now the idea has caught on in Kenya too! Very cool though not to mention practical especially for the bride! Easy to get a white color, comfortable since you are on your feet alot plus you can reuse them many times over! Beautiful photography and story telling!!

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  10. Good job @marv n @truthslinger Amazing pics, this is gon keep their memories fresh for a lifetime of this unforgetable day of joy.. Chepeem n skubi all God’s blessing abide with ya’ll thru this journey.. Much lurv@ya’ll.. Embrace the moment n make it count :-)

  11. Hizi picha ziko juu kama bendera ya chief, creativity nayo iko on another level, beyond rating. Hongera sana to the newly weds.

  12. That is a classic, a vintage, a relic…(i love the converse) the only one i have seen. how did Fai & Sku come up with such an idea? i wonder if Samantha Bridal or Wedding Show caught that! But who could do it better than you guys?

  13. I love their style, don’t know them but they are a very good-looking couple.Nice work Muts, where were you when I was getting married??

  14. the safari walk….the dancing shots…and the shots of the bride! i love how u worked it. it feels like a story not just a bunch of photos. pray for me to get a guy (be found) …date him…. etc and do a wedding, you will be our photographer!

  15. this is so coool!!!this is soooo cool!!! -kept saying that as i viewed the pics lol!!!can we say awesomeness!!!YEAH converse :-) #livealittle #rockthedifference

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