Wallpaper Monday [74] – Swirls & Rocks

Hi guys. Here is a toast to another week, another chance to make us better, another chance to be more than we are do more than we have. More time to correct the wrongs of last week and make new mistakes that we can correct next week. Either way, here is to more.

Bake Awards.

As you may know this blog has been nominated for the BAKE(Bloggers Association of Kenya) award in the photography category. Here I have been nominated alongside friends, Ben Kiruthi & Joe makeni. Ya’ll can vote for either of them but more importantly, me :)! All the details are on there so go ahead and vote vote vote!!! Voting ends on Thursday 26th April so don’t hesitate. Voting is happening HERE

Wallpaper Monday [74] – Swirls & Rocks

The wallpaper today comes from the coastal region of Kenya. A photo I took in the morning as the sun rose. I had to wake up early for another shoot later in the day and decided to do a sunrise shoot first. It took a bodaboda motorcycle to get me to the beach in a hurry after someone I was waiting for(i’m not mentioning names, Joe Makeni hehe) got late on me and I had to rush to the beach without him. Anywho…you can download this for your screens now.

Download the wallpaper by choosing your resolution below:

I wish you an awesome day. Thanks for viewing and downloading. Remember, if it’s your first time here, you can get all other wallpaper here.


Why Your Friends May Kill Your Photography Business

Hi guys. I hope ya’ll are well, or at least some sort of well.

Yes I know that the blog has been down…it was actually going out but since I have found out that the new location is not just yet ready and this one had to be resuscitated for now. So feast your eyes on the blog while it’s still here. As soon as i’m ready to move, I shall notify you guys before doing so that you may (hopefully) move with me.

Why Your Friends May Kill Your Photography Business

Now today’s topic may rub some of you the wrong way depending on what side of the fence you fall. Let the record state that this is not based on any true story and it’s not an attempt to speak about anyway in any subliminal tone but seriously, how many of us have thought ‘____________ is a photographer and my friend too. If I call him to just snap snap some photos at my party or company event or wedding, I don’t really have to pay him, do I?’. The unfortunate thing is that we have all thought like this at some point in our lives with little thought of the people from whom we ask these favors. But just reason with me and bear with my rambling if you may but I seem to be of the school of thought that you should succeed more with lots of friends in this business and not the opposite. I imagine that many friends would translate to many people that are interested in using my services because they believe in and support what I do…I may be wrong.

Now if your friend had just opened a supermarket, what do you do? I think you then even change your movements a little bit so as to make sure you do all your shopping at the said supermarket(I assume that he has good pricing and a nice setup that also encourages you to go there). I mean I imagine you’d do your shopping there and actually pay for your services to support the said friend, yes? The alternative is that you pass by every so often and pick a few sodas, cake & sweets and let the men asking for money know that the owner is a really good friend of yours and that he really shall not mind you doing all that.

The point is, it’s awkward when you have to charge your friends the rates you charge everyone else but you hope that when you do, they shall not be difficult and that they actually pay. The fact is if they don’t pay, your business dies slowly but surely from lack of making any money. All you shall have is very happy friends who refer many other non-payers and who shall post your photos all over facebook praising you but you shall be very broke. Also you may end up resending them for always taking instead of giving into your young business.

For the friends of photographers;

It’s not wrong to ask for favors but if you really are concerned for you friends’ welfare, don’t ask them to give you free services when they can’t. Go ready to pay. If it’s for charity, ask but also expect to get a negative answer based on how busy they are at the time.

If you wanna get really subsidized rates and good vibe from your photographer friend, refer them for may paying jobs. Help build their business(it shall not even cost you) that way you shall be able to even get free shoots once in a while as return favors.

Remember they are in business. They are your friends but the business is not your friend. Pay on time so that they keep their books well maintained.

For photographers;

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to shoot friends. If it takes out of your business more than it gives, then just make it an effort not to shoot friends, refer them to other photographers(of course this may hurt your business but it’s better than darn straight loses).

Make it clear that the business is a different entity and that needs to be maintained with money so they need to pay up. Talk about it before hand so that they are clear about it.

If it’s a charity case make a pint of noting it before starting to avoid any disappointments to both you and the client. Consider each charity project and see if your business can handle it and if you can, do it and help someone out, if you can’t, make it clear and politely decline.

It’s all about clear communication.


All that said, photography is a lot of fun and sometimes friends make good test subjects and make some dull projects fun so don’t make enemies, just let people know how you contact your business. Help out friends but do it in moderation. Friends enjoy your discounts but if you really care about your photographer friends, help them make money and help them get better. It’s a tough industry and we need all the referrals we can get.

Disclaimer :: You can obviously tell that i’m no finance expert on business and all so take my advice with a pinch of salt. If you don’t like what I have to say, you have the freedom of unreading it…:), if only. If you have better or additional advice, kindly share it in the comments below, i’d love to hear what you have to say on the matter, I’m sure each of you guys has an opinion on this.

Have a great day.


Some aerial photos from Tanzania

Wallpaper Monday [73] – It dawned on me in Nairobi

Hey guys sorry this post has taken so long to get up. Blame the power outages that keep rocking me today & net issues but mostly the power outages. It’s ridiculous that this is the 3rd time i’m writing this. Power disrupts me every time. *saves draft* So anyway, a while back David ‘Blackman’ & I were up at the crack of dawn to shoot some Nairobi-scapes and this is just a teaser to show you what we have in store for you at my exhibition in May. Details shall follow soon so just keep it locked here for the official announcement soon.

Download the wallpaper by choosing your resolution below:

Hope you had a great day. Thanks for viewing and downloading. Remember, if it’s your first time here, you can get all other wallpaper here.


“Film Is Fun” Photography Workshop

Hi people. I know we live in a time when we have a photography revolution. It’s an absolutely amazing thing that now more than ever we have the most amazing cameras and have so many of them available to us. The unfortunate thing is that with all this availability of cameras, it’s also the time when there have been very few photographers. We’d like to help you change that, if only just a bit. Many times a better photo can be achieved by just a careful consideration of light direction, texture and a few other simple things. The mastery of these may take time but the realization of these things takes but a moment.

Steve Kitoto & I, Mutua Matheka would like to invite you to our very first Photography workshop (made possible by the Workshop Company) where the focus shall be ‘Basic Steps to Better Photography’. For 2 hours on Saturday 14th April, 2012, we shall share with you tips & tricks we have collected in our experience and help you make a better photo just by changing the way you shoot & view photography. This is generally geared toward anyone who is starting out, if you are already shooting and have your blog and what not, this may not be for you. So all you pphotography enthusiasts who want to be a little more than a camera owner, come through, if you can’t, buy this for a friend. Space is limited so please book early. We are only taking 15 people because we can’t accommodate more.

You can book by calling Amina 0722 134575 or emailing her ‘amina@theworkshop.co.ke’.

Tasty Tuesday – Full Blown Breakfast

I had woken up at 5am to go shoot. Anyone who knows me knows that 5am is like midnight in my vocabulary. It was not interesting waking up but when it came to tearing down this…

…I definitely forgot all the torture of waking up. See on this day, I was doing an experimental shoot(well, experimental only in the fact that it was shot at sunrise and at Uhuru park, yes, Uhuru park) with a couple who got married a while back. They are the only couple I know who can still fit into their wedding gowns so I called them up for a sunrise shoot in the city and ended up shooting this….



..of course among many more that you may see later. But on to the purpose of this post, the breakfast to be enjoyed afterward. Toasted bread with butter, Egg, Potato wedges, Bacon & some example of a salad. Please, please, enjoy it with me.

You need a double house coffee to go down with it. Yes, I do love me my coffee early in the morning.

Have an awesome tasty Tuesday people.

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