The Wedding After :: Tony + Faith

A while ago, wedding photography sort of met with my favorite type of photography, Cityscapes! I love Nairobi city and love taking photos of the city. I have also been trying to figure out a way to shoot married couples in a planned wedding shoot after the wedding hence ‘the Wedding after’. Sadly though, not many of us married people can still fit into our wedding gowns a while after getting married so the only people I know that could still fit were Tony & Faith. I definitely hooked up with them to do a shoot in the city.

2 days before the day we were gonna shoot though, I realized we  couldn’t shoot at sundown as I had planned so the solution was the opposite…sunrise. We were up at 5.30am to do this shoot. You should have seen us, I think it looked very strange, 2 guys in wedding regalia and a photographer taking photos at the crack of dawn at Uhuru park. Goodness!! For those that laughed when I mentioned Uhuru park, you may swallow that laugh when you see the photos(well, I hope you do), it’s actually an amazing place, I think. You judge from the photos.

Bake Awards.

As you may know this blog has been nominated for the BAKE(Bloggers Association of Kenya) award in the photography category. Here I have been nominated alongside friends, Ben Kiruthi & Joe makeni. Ya’ll can vote for either of them but more importantly, me :)! All the details are on there so go ahead and vote vote vote!!! Voting ends on Thursday 3rd May(tomorrow) so don’t hesitate. Voting is happening HERE!

14 thoughts on “The Wedding After :: Tony + Faith

  1. Awesome work my brother, finally someone did some wedding images in the city, loved it and would def want to see more and more of this, sisi harusi yetu tao lazima :-) barikiwa sana

  2. My besties!!!!
    Why weren’t we bridesmades called for the shoot?!
    Ama you doubted we could wake up that early,ama that we couldn’t fit in our dresses?! Lol!!
    As usual,good job Mutua!!

  3. Yes, yes, Uhuru Park is muy photogenic. Only one couple I shot agreed to do some there a while back. The stereotypical “holding KICC photo” does injustice to our beautiful city.

    Kudos for the early morning rising. Sijui kama ningewezaamka hizo saa LOL!

    Kick @$$ photos to boot :)

  4. Woooooow! it’s the only thing that rings in my mind……………fro the walk in the park to the Nairobi streets, AMAZING!!!
    You get my BAKE vote!

  5. loved this! wow. uhuru park n just in tao….. clearly its not the photoshoot location that matters but the photoman or woman! loved this

  6. Beautiful Picture i must say. Beautiful Couple. As an Photographer i can understand how much important is to capture moments like wedding and to make them beautiful and creative as it is the most important memories of life, So Appreciate your hard work and efforts. Even i started photography when i was inspired and now i am inspiring others by my work. You can have a look at my work at and let me know how you find it. I would love to hear from photographer like you.

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