Tasty Tuesday – Meaty Pie

Last week was a week of many meetings and naturally, most of them landed at Java in the morning. I prefer to have all my client meetings in the morning because that is my least creative time. By 11am I am done and moving on to doing some actual work.

One day I ordered this steak pie to go with my daily coffee dose. It is very yummy though a bit dry..maybe their intention? The pastry though is really really good. It falls apart and has that flaky top layer that cracks easy…I like that. It also is just a bite so if you are strapped of cash, don’t go here. Buy ndunyas(mandazi) at the kiosk next to your home. They are tasty and shall fill you much more, then again, I may be a glutton.

I hope you enjoyed feasting with your eyes as much I did feasting with my mouth *cheap shot?*. Ha a brilliant day ya’ll.

5 thoughts on “Tasty Tuesday – Meaty Pie

  1. Ei boss! Posts can be made in the morning bwana! Conventional mornings (after 7am lol)!

    Hehehe, kushiba feels the same kama ulikula ndazi-chai ya kibanda au meat-pie na cappuccino ya java :)) Love the photos man!

  2. Not a cheap shot, at least for me. I think the no 3 and 4 are more interesting, the different textures and the fork make it look even more appetizing.

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