Close-up’s with Kambua

Ladies & gentlemen, allow me to share some images I took during my quick shoot with Kambua some time back. Actually, I was doing her photos for a soon to come magazine and after I had captured what was required, I asked if I could do close-up’s of her. Thankfully, she said yes I went crazy clicking away. She is one of the easiest people(I now know) to photograph that is not a full time model so naturally I really enjoyed taking the photos. Also it’s not hard to get that hearty laugh from her.

I tried applying some stuff I learnt from Thandiwe about shooting close-up portraits. The tips did improve how I see and approach shooting ladies & I am thankful for that and have made an improvement…I think. Thanks to Linda for bringing Kambua over & the pleasure of meeting her.


12 thoughts on “Close-up’s with Kambua

  1. I have fantasies of people I’d would love to have under my lens,from the retired president to Sir Richard Bradson to yours trully Miss Kambua.As much as I am jelous I love the potraits n the lighting especially.

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