2 years later

2 years ago today. I was asleep right about now…actually I may just have been going to bed or about to. My boys were in the house with me as we talked about nothing specific. See a few  hours later, I was going to marry a beautiful woman I had grown very fond of over the previous four years or so. Then I made my second best decision in life(after giving my life to Christ) marrying Mrs. M, the love of my life.

She brightened my life with her attitude. She seems to be the high to my lows, the sugar to my bitter. What I lack, she is and in some ways what she lacks, I am. Whatever we can’t cover together, we can acquire so no problem. God has truly blessed me and I know it. I wouldn’t ask for anything different or anything more. She is every woman to me and I would go to the end of the road for her with all of God’s help. See I know that by my own strength, I can not keep her and sustain this relationship. Which is why I look to heaven, to God, to sustain this relationship and use me as a vessel for that. It’s the only way to channel His love the way He wants to. The love that is patient, kind, that does not keep a record of wrongs and everything else that 1st Corinthians 13 talks about. I only pray that I can be all that God wants me to be for her.

She is beautiful, nay, drop dead gorgeous!! Makes me blush(thank God no one else can see that), though I pretend not to, macho behavior. She can see through my crap and stand up to my crap too. She really has made me a better person so if any of you like me any bit, it has a lot to do with her. I love her and would do very little without her. Actually all I would do is survive miserably.

I pray that God blesses our relationship more & more. Gives us a reason to smile every morning. I pray that we shall walk hand in hand through our whole lives listening only to God and the voices in our hearts. That we shall conquer adversity, bad times and mountains together. That our faith in each other shall grow to astronomical proportions. I pray that our children, God willing, shall be brought up well, to be God fearing and talented in some way, courageous, strong willed and above all, our friends.

Happy Anniversary Noni, I’m happy you got my name. I love you, more each day!

Of course we did an anniversary shoot. What sort of photographer & photographers wife would we be if we didn’t. It was a quick shoot made longer by the fact that I had to keep going back to press the shutter and wait 10seconds as the timer goes off. That part was frustrating…hanging out with her in the studio(a few meters from the living room), priceless.


48 thoughts on “2 years later

  1. Awww, happy anniversary to u n Noni, n may God continue granting u favour in ur marriage, i love the fact that u ar each others bestfriends/backbone n thats wat all marriages shuld be abt, but most importantly a love built on God’s foundation. I wish u many many many zillion happy years together.

    • This is fantastic. First thing i read this morning & of course a show of something a lot of people are searching for— GOOD LOVE. Mat the Lord keep y’all strong, alive & kicking!

  2. Mr and Mrs M, congrats on your big day. And may the Lord increase you – literally! Mutua, thanks for openly sharing your love for Noni. It’s quite a testimony about who a true man is.

  3. AWWWWWW!!Y’ALL look so hot together your post has surely blessed my heart for this is love the way God intended. may God grant you both all the desires of your heart.

  4. Happy awesome anniversary Mutua. God have your family in his keeping. You are not only talented but also fear God. One of the best photography blogs I’ve come across so far. Truly, 2012 is the year of Kenyan photography. Stay blessed and stick to the faith. If you ever need any descriptive prose or poetry to your works of art, hit me up on my blog. Viva los Mathekas!!!

  5. For restoring my faith in the institution that is marriage, for this beautiful tale [that is thankfully not out of a random backroom South American production house], for peppering me with the hope that I’d be this blessed [if not more], I could only pray for baraka dabo-dabo for you, Mr. and Mrs. M.
    *takes off hat, nods*

  6. Happy Anniversary Mum and Dad!
    You guys are nothing short of a blessing in my life. Keep shining in that light,for all our sakes!! :)
    LOL!! (in this case meaning,lots of love, and not Laughing out Loud!)

  7. Congratulations to my favorite couple. You are an inspiration to so many may you have blessings and joy each day of your lives. Thank you for letting us in to peek into the joy that your marriage is :)

  8. i am a vivid follower of your blog and love your work. This by far has been the best as it is very sentimental.. Love it. Hoping my relationship can emulate yours in so such a way. Congrats on your anniversary, wishing u and the Mrs an abundance of happiness in the years to come:)

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