FootLoose Festival [2012]

The setting was Molo. A place that is darn hot by day and freezing cold by night, it was so cold, you thought the beddings were wet. We braved all that though for this festival that went Friday through Sunday, perfect way to wind down after a hectic time in the city(every time is a hectic time while in the city I think). This was a welcome break of nature, good music & good people. I shall not bore you with talk because that is not why y’all are here. Check out the pictorial below and enjoy the photos. Hopefully next year, we see you there, yes?

Oh and by the way, pick up some popcorn and hot chocolate coz this is going to be a long one, a really long one.

We had acrobats entertaining us at breakfast…and Qqu breakdancing for a few seconds there.

When Chris Foot was not ferrying people, he was teaching kids to paint…well, trying to teach kids to paint. More like to spray straight.

Graffiti by Uhuru

Dela’s Set. I’m glad she did ‘Paukwa’ my favorite song from that album.

Fena then soothed us with her neo soul. I love that ‘Phenomenal’ song by the way.

Then she was joined on stage by Sara Mitaru and Lush(who graced the event all the way from the UK). That was an electric jam they did.

Pre-dinner entertainment of flips & turns.

Chris Adwar and the villagers introduced us to the evening set.

Sara Mitaru backed by her sister, Anne & Nanjira & the Villagers band. In her set was ‘Songea’ a lovely lovely jam. “Waiting for it to be recorded”

Lush tore it up with a performance like no other. The crowd did not allow her to leave stage without an encore.

Chris Adwar & the Villagers Band gave us some Benenge that got the crowd really grooving.

Chris Foot got his rasta on mon’.

Dj Adrian took over and then the revelers got all ‘revely’. For most, the party went on much later after that.

Party people in the house.

Dj Adrian passed it on to Dj Protege and the party went on. I was beat so it was bed time for me.

Thanks to Chris Foot, David ‘Blackman’ Muthami & Sara Mitaru for making this happen. looking forward to next year. See you there, God willing. Have a lovely Friday and weekend ahead. Told you it would be a long one. Aren’t you bummed that you didn’t get that hot chocolate?..or happy that you did?


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