Wallpaper Monday [68] – ‘Listen’

My Life Lessons

So as some of you may know, today I just turned 28(yeah, yeah get over the young…or old bit). All through these years, I have learned a few things that I seek to practice through my life. Some are lessons that are ingrained within me and the rest are lessons I still struggle with.

1. Life is good, especially if you don’t compare it with others. I have come to find out that everyone has a different story that may make you not want their life. Enjoy yours, be content, better yet, be grateful to God for anything you have above death.

2. Treat everybody with respect whether or not they deserve it, you don’t know their story so you don’t know why they do what they do. You don’t have to like everyone but respect them, respect them.

3. You shall always be able to make more money, never more time. Respect your time and respect other people’s time. While at it, spend time where it really matters.

4. Do everything to the best of your ability. Really, that goes a long way.

5. Don’t just talk about it, do it. Isn’t it annoying when people just keep talking the talk and not walking it? What about those photographers that carry huge cameras and talk big about photography but have no portfolio to show for it. Be a doer, not just a talker..or reader.

6. Meat almost always tastes better grilled!!

7. Age doesn’t necessarily make anyone wiser just as make-up doesn’t always make anyone more beautiful. The inside makes you more beautiful than the outside.

8. Getting good at anything takes time, lots of time. And patience is a virtue, for real. And patience is a virtue that is seldom learn’t in a hurry.

9. When listening to people, don’t forget the most important voice, yours. 

10. My wife is the best part of me. 

11. Meat ALWAYS tastes better grilled!! DId I already say that?

12. There is no such thing as too much chicken, or cake, or coke!

13. Money is just paper, for real.

14. You are more blessed than you think you are.

15. I am alive and i’m gonna live like I am. What’s the worst that could happen?(not being alive?)

That’s all I can remember right now. More another time…hoping I keep learning stuff. Have a blessed evening/day/afternoon(the world being a village and what not).

Wallpaper Monday – Listen

Well after all those life lessons I guess it’s only fair that I give you some wallpaper. You can have it in both color or black/white. The links to downloading are right under the respective wallpaper. Enjoy and share.

Feel free to download the black & white version of the wallpaper by choosing your resolution below:

1440×900 – 1600×1280 – 1900×1440 – 1920×1200 – 1920×1080 — 2560×1440 – iPad – iPhone –  android

Feel free to download the color version of the wallpaper by choosing your resolution below:

1440×900 – 1600×1280 – 1900×1440 – 1920×1200 – 1920×1080 — 2560×1440 – iPad – iPhone –  android

Thanks for all your birthday wishes on Facebook, text & twitter, ya’ll are a big happy family and I’m glad to know most of ya’ll.

Thanks for viewing and downloading. Remember, if it’s your first time here, you can get all other wallpaper here.


7 thoughts on “Wallpaper Monday [68] – ‘Listen’

  1. Yes yes and yes…meat always tastes better when grilled and truly there is nothing like too much cake or coke.That one is a bulls eye. I hope you enjoyed your birthday to the maximum and for the rest of the advice….thanks alot

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