Photography by Thandiwe Muriu

Hey guys. Now, it’s not everyday that I get to be super excited about stuff I see online but when I do I may not be able to shut up about it…well, Mrs. M knows this all too well. A while back, I heard Steve Kitoto & Mercy talking about this lady who was doing amazing photography and I remember that I forgot almost immediately. Thankfully someone shared her photo via Facebook and I loved what I saw. Since then I think I have taken a look at all her photography, Ladies and gentlemen, please show some appreciation to the works of Thandiwe Muriu.

The lady herself, as seen by herself(self portrait). She does some amazing close up portraits that have become her defining style & preference. She loves fashion photography with a high fashion look which she does well, I would say.

Thandiwe has a very specific approach to her photography as far as the output is concerned. She works toward a specific image and would retake the shot until her mental photo & the photo in the camera are in sync. She seems to have a very experimental approach too and would most likely try out something new ‘just to see how it would work’.

She loves color and prefers bursts of saturated color than the absence of it. She loves to shoot beauty though not necessarily from models, she actually prefers to shoot people who are not models and show them the beauty in them that they may not even see, especially ladies. Armed with proper people skills and a portfolio to boot, I think it works well for her.

And finally, my absolute favorite photo by Thandiwe. This photo is the one that made me want to meet her, I can’t explain, it makes me happy. It could be the lines, maybe the color, maybe the folds in the kanga. Could be the intensity of the eyes that makes me connect with the photo, makes it intense maybe. I don’t know. That photo inspired the ‘Red Tie affair’.

So after all my virtual adoration, we finally met up & did some quick shoot. Call it a Thandiwe VS. Mutua shoot and that shall feature here very soon. It was interesting to see very different takes on the same model, setting & lighting.

What I need you guys to do is go on to facebook and see then ‘like’ her page; Thandiwe Muriu Photography. And while you’re at it, pressure her to get a website & join twitter :).


*All the photography on this post is the property of Thandiwe Muriu and may not be used without her express permission. To contact her, visit her page and contact her from there.

22 thoughts on “Photography by Thandiwe Muriu

  1. Love! LOve!!LOVe!!!LOVE!!!

    She’s utterly amazing!! :)

    Would soooooo Love to see the shoot between the two of you!!!

    Love her work!!!

  2. I tell you her work is A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.! Watched as some of the photos used in this blog post were being shot and to see the product is… Moto Moto.. Good job Thandi! And Mutua, good job profiling her.

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