Wallpaper Monday [65] – Baobabs of Tarangire

In Tarangire National Park(Tanzania), these huge baobab trees sometimes dot the landscape. Looking like giant upside down trees, they do create an interesting foreground to the sky. I wish I was able to see them at sunset. I’m sure that would have been an amazing experience.

Feel free to download the wallpaper by choosing your resolution below:

1440×900 – 1600×1280 – 1900×1440 – 1920×1200 – 1920×1080 — 2560×1440 – iPad – iPhone –  android

Have a blessed Monday & week ahead. When you get a chance, tembea Africa yako(see your Africa)  and appreciate the beauty within.

Thanks for viewing and downloading. Remember, if it’s your first time here, you can get all other wallpaper here.



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5 thoughts on “Wallpaper Monday [65] – Baobabs of Tarangire

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