Wallpaper Monday [64] – Another coastal Sunrise

Hey guys. How are you doing today? I am doing great, reviewing images from a trip to the coast a while back and found this gem that I wanted to share with you guys. Shot in Customs beach in Mtwapa. In other news, I have recently discovered a nifty little app for photography editing on the go. I used it to edit this photo to give it that vintage feel. I do love the vintage cross-processing on photos. The app is called ‘Pixlr-o-matic’ and they have an iPhone, desktop, chrome & android version..check it out on their website..

In the meantime…

Feel free to download the wallpaper by choosing your resolution below:

1440×900 – 1600×1280 – 1900×1440 – 1920×1200 – 1920×1080 — 2560×1440 – iPad – iPhone –  android Thanks for viewing and downloading. Remember, if it’s your first time here, you can get all other wallpaper here.


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