Photographers :: I DARE YOU

I dare you, Photographers

So as I close shop today, I want to share something that my friend Amunga shared with me about the direction of creativity in this country. We got to taking about how good it has been this year but that we can do a lot better. And so in the spirit of doing bigger things in the new year, I issue a challenge to creatives today. I especially speak to them that influence the direction of things. Photographers, Copy writers, cinematographers, well the whole lot of ya but specifically to photographers because that is my field.

I dare you to Put KENYA on the map in 2012. Is that too much to hope for? I call out to you Sylvia Gichia, to Jim Chuchu, to Emmanuel Jambo, Amunga Eshuchi, to you Omondi Abudho, to James Quest, to Leon Muli, to you too Jude Gichumbi. I dare you to produce work that goes beyond your ability, beyond your comfort. I mentioned y’all first because you are the guys whose work I saw when I first started shooting about 2 years ago. I call out to you Steve Kitoto, to Murimi, to Joe Makeni, to Mwarv, to you Macharia, Paul Munene, Eric Gitonga, Wagema, David Mutua, to you Boniface Mwangi, you too Teddy you don’t escape this, Shaydest, Susan Wong, Wanzalla, just to mention but a few(there are many more amazing photographers). Let’s take this craft we love so much to another level. This shall not come automatically, it shall take intentionally shooting better, shooting with more passion. Telling our story, choose your story and tell it. Tell it loud and be proud of it.

There are many other of us out there and I call out to you too(too many names that I haven’t named here), you who is starting out in photography and looking for direction. I dare you to make your own direction, I dare you to put in the hours you need to get good. I dare you to take every opportunity to learn from the ones ahead of us. I dare you to stop snapping and start making photographs. I dare you to look beyond cameras and look to photography.

I dare US to start a MOVEMENT. Not one of talk but one of action. To let our work speak for us, and let that voice be loud and crisp clear. Let us make 2012 the year that the world knows that there are AMAZING photographers in KENYA.

This is to the new year. May God be with us all.

*Happy Holidays*

Thank you.

You who visited this blog at some point to take a look at my photos. You who was referred and made a beeline to the link. You who always click on the links I share on my twitter and facebook. You who contributed in any way to the numerous visitors I get here daily. You who refreshes every morning before I even post anything. You who left a comment that warmed my heart. You who ‘liked’.

To my friends, fellow photographers who keep pushing me to do more, to be more, to aspire to be great. Thank you (now this is starting to sound like an award reception speech). All I am saying is Happy Holidays. Enjoy the season but don’t put yourself in danger for the sake of a quick fix or quick excitement. Be safe, do not drink(alcohol) & drive. If you could avoid the drinking all together it would be nice but that’s just me.

See you next year. God willing.

21 thoughts on “Photographers :: I DARE YOU

  1. When I saw the line you’re closing shop, my heart literally started beating faster as I opened the link fearing you were stopping taking pictures…but it’s ok, I’m now breathing easy! Yes, I’m all for putting Kenya on the map and with the kind of talent this country is spewing forth we’re already half way there! I have had the privilege of working with some of you great photographers and our journey has just begun! I look forward to continuing working with you; and others and pushing our limits even further! We have so much more to offer!

    Happy holidays Mutz, next year…bigger guns! ;-D

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