Olive + Riq :: A forest Engagement

Hey Guys. Happy Friday. Today I share a whole bunch of images from an engagement session I had with Olive and Riq. I am shooting their wedding in January so this was only right to do help them start celebrating their love pictorially. I love doing forest-y shots for couples, they seem to fit the situation. In this case, we went to the KWS Safari Walk on Langata road. This place has been used a lot for photo sessions and so naturally the challenge is using an overused location creatively. I do hope that I got to use the place in a way you haven’t seen before. At least Riq & Olive seemed to have fun during the whole session so I did not interrupt their whispers and sweet nothings somethings.

I do pray for the best for this artsy-musicy couple. May God bless the future they are preparing to have together.


12 thoughts on “Olive + Riq :: A forest Engagement

  1. Where you charged for doing the photo shoot at Safari Walk? I’ve been longing to do a shoot there (we live about 5 minutes away) but we’ve run into so much trouble so many places that I’ve been afraid to try. My husband stopped and asked one day but they wouldn’t give him a definitive answer. At least one of my photography dreams is coming true tomorrow. Doing a wedding photo session at railways museum.

    • Railways is so cool. Love that location…but for me to just shoot the engines and rail. For a wedding shoot at Safari walk, you shall be charged. But for something like this you just pay to ingia and do the shoot. I figure that if anyone asked I’d feign ignorance but they don’t have an issue if it isn’t a wedding. I know many people who shoot there

      • amazing Mutua how u do all this ………….am left dumb folded i love it to the core man
        congratulation to the couples to pick the ryt man for their wedding pictures

  2. Mutua, i am impressed with the fact that you picture tell a story and for this i give you thumbs up..God Bless more…let it be know to people its not the software or the camera but the eye of the photographer.you have the eye.

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