Personality Thursday [57] – The Lost Red Tie

In my house, any time is picture time and anything can be used to make pictures. On this day, Mrs. M & I were walking down this road whose name I forget…there is a darkening cloud and occasional flashes of lightening and we wonder why, it was sunny moments before. Something falls on my head, a tooth, wait, a tooth. I look up, apparently a heavy weight fight is going on on the roof of the building there. This fight was causing the flashes and dark skies, something big was going on. I see this guy with a white shirt and huge afro thrown on to the ledge, he almost falls over the building, a big guy is fighting him, I think it’s a fight to the death. There is a major thunder clap and the building trembles and cracks spread through, the afro guy takes a red tie from the big guy and ties it on his head. I think the whole fight was about the red tie. As he’s tying the tie onto his head and walking away in some form of slow motion, he trips and the tie is blown away by a gush of wind, all the way to the ground from where we were eagerly watching. It lands at our feet, hmm well, we won’t let a perfectly good red silk tie go to waste so we take it and go home.

Later we learn that was Makmende & First Bodi’s great fight. Thankfully we haven’t been caught yet.

Thankfully she rocks the red tie much better than I, Makmende or First Bodi does so I think they shall be gracious when they catch us.

22 thoughts on “Personality Thursday [57] – The Lost Red Tie

  1. Waaah, si y’all look flyyyyy together! Great post Muts, loved the intro as well…eish Mrs. M baller baller…we are not worthy *as i lay prostrate (sp?) on the ground*

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