I DO :: Pascal + Lucy Anne


Hey guys. It has been ages since I posted anything wedding related so here goes…I have been hoarding a few wedding photos so I shall be posting them over the next few weeks.

Today, it’s Pascal & Lucy Anne. Theirs was a beautiful wedding with nice earth colors(these seem to work for photos). I went to shoot this wedding on bike and it was cool doing the whole motorcade thing for fun and + met 2 other bikers there. I’m not really good at doing this commentator thing for photos so please enjoy them. That day, as with many other weddings, I was shooting with Amunga on second shooter, some of his images shall feature here too.

Morning preparations are some of my favorite times to shoot. A lot is usually happening and beauty is very evident.

At the reception it rained so hard I thought we were going to be washed away. That though did not dampen the mood one bit. People danced in the rain, the photographers shot from the safety of the tents(hey, no one is going to be compensating my camera now is there?). Little did I know this rain would be a blessing in disguise for the photography…I liked the effect it had.

Photography by Amunga Eshuchi

Another one by Amunga Eshuchi

We then proceeded to this place in Limuru for the photography session in the evening. It wasn’t raining any more but the colours were just sweet. Being in the evening relieved us from pressure in terms of time and staying clean :). Also the evening light is always divine.

And that ended a beautiful day for us while beginning an awesome journey for Pascal & Lucy Anne. I do wish them all of life’s goodness and God’s guidance in all they do. May they keep falling in love over and over and over again.


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