Personality Dhazday [55] – Getting in the ‘Ma3’

“At the core of every city across Africa is a public transport system that goes a long way in defining urban culture. In Kenya, this system is popularly dubbed Ma3s(matatus). At one point or other,every city dweller uses one of these. Ma3’s keep cities and its people connected.”

The band borrowed its name from this unique yet unavoidable entity. We hope that the music will follow suit. We’ve made the music available online to tie in to other entities defining the Kenyan urban culture, ie tech and social media. (The album is currently up for exclusive listening on Reverbnation and SoundCloud {as a continuous stream…specially for them that have FaceBook banned in their offices}…and will be available for purchase on iTunes and Amazon for the international markets as well as PewaHewa locally, from Saturday, November 12th.)

“By special request of the band, Personality Thursday today is Personality Dhazday, so there”

I had the long-planned opportunity of shooting this crazy bunch of people (yes they are crazy. I don’t care how deep their tweets are or how awesome their music is…they crazy) and I have a patch of no hair on my head from where I pulled it out so much during the shoot. Don’t be afraid though, for I’m sure that’s where the good music comes from. Everything I shall express now shall be my take on them after the 2+ hours we spend shooting. (btw, the two photos above are of the extended edition Ma3, the 14 seater one. There is the compact 7 seater Ma3).

I had met Kimeto, the bass guitarist sometime back. I never thought that the dude was this crazy. Quite a life of the party type that will do all the weird things in photos (as evidenced above).

Brayo, the drummer boy, I met a little earlier at one of the Kinanda’s while shooting fears vs. dreams. He was in some hurry during the shoot apparently we were holding back his busy schedule :). He’s I think the swag guy, mostly fashionably dressed (whatever that is). Also a loud guy, i’d say, an almost typical jeng’.

*Just in case you thought that I was kidding when I say this is a crazy bunch of people hiding behind cool instruments and smart phones :)*

Now Kato, the electric guitarist (as in he plays electric guitar, he’s not just electric when on guitar), I saw him play first on Safaricom’s Classical Fusion so I know his fingers speak. Seemed like the quiet boy of the group with his own bursts of electricity. Seems to be the guy who has a way with the ladies too (sorry man). There is a mysterious quality to him.

Karimi, on accoustic guitar is probably my greatest surprise. I expected her to be the most ‘serious’ person (now that she was head girl at my wife’s primary school and is apparently Kenya’s only intellectual property lawyer with a prolific music career) but no, her laughter bursts through quite easily and infectiously. A sharp lady whose conversation I always enjoy.

Tim Rimbui (it feels too short without the Rimbui), producer extraodinare and the man on the keys. This is a man we used to speak about with great respect back in the days of KSouth flava, when he used to be a hiphop producer? Then I guess he grew up to more serious sounds. He told me he has 4 of everything exactly same so I should not expect much from him in terms of posing…true enough, he could leave and come back and stand the same exact way as before. Man with grand ideas and great conversation.

Nanjira, amazing vocalist. I used to be afraid of her kitambo and it took quite a long time before we started talking. To me, she looked like watu wanaeza kukutoa mbio sana (pardon the swa, some things just sound better that way). Knowing her has given me a different perspective of her. A bright lady with Africa on her heart, an activist too. A lady by all means but a serious shade at heart (said with all love). She can pull serious moves I think, whether you take her to Sankara or to Mama Mrenda.

The Album Launch

On the 12th of November (Saturday) at 7pm, Ma3 shall be launching their debut album, Beba Beba at the Goethe Institute, for a measly FREE!! See all details here.

In the meantime, the album is currently up for exclusive listening on Reverbnation and SoundCloud {as a continuous stream…specially for them that have FaceBook banned in their offices}.

Catch up with Ma3 on FacebookTwitter and our Website.(which like many Ma3’s on the road, is under service, tread carefully)

Beba Beba, the album’s first single is available for download here.


16 thoughts on “Personality Dhazday [55] – Getting in the ‘Ma3’

  1. yaniii matheka uve just wekad me on th spotlight., n abt th swag you got tht right., i am always swagged up!., all in all., Dhenks alot bruhv., Gableshya..

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