“S.W.A.L.K” *A Chillimango Story

Distraught, she continued to stand there. Maybe the post box would say something. Just maybe…

Remember her? The girl from the village who set off for the big bad city, in search of her lover? *Read part 1* The one who climbed hills and went through valleys, and crossed rivers, in search of her one and only heart throb. Well, she may not have literally swam through rivers, but she did survive an accident, one which left the lorry more damaged than she was…..such was the power of love.

And so, after fighting off an elderly lady for a boda boda ride *Read part 2*, there she was. A little bewildered by the sights and sounds of the city- ridiculously tall buildings with windows that burned the eye, loud obnoxious beep-beeps from the numerous automobiles in town, the hawkers with their endless chants- she frantically searched for something familiar. Anything.

Eureka! She spotted it and went and stood right by it, as if the post box would tell her where he was.

Nostalgic, she remembered the letters they wrote each other. S.W.A.L.K…Sealed With A Loving Kiss- thats how much care she took when licking the envelope that would then be ‘bombasticated’ and ‘zigzagged’ to the ‘only bean in her githeri’. You see, they had this *Boombox type love going*

As much as the thought warmed her heart, she continued to pensively wonder how she would reach her lover. Oh, how handy this post box would be right about now, she thought to herself, she would pour her heart out on paper. Even though she knew to whom she would address it to, what Post Box then? Should she write his name in dozens of envelopes and drop them all in the post box? Should she stand there until one day, her lover magically appears next to her? Was he thinking about her at the moment? Was he remembering all the promises she made to him? Oh, the thoughts! The worry! Oh humanity!


Modeled by Joanne aka @gummybear254. Tees & styling by Njeri aka ‘Black Mamba Girl’ for Chillimango Designs. (@chillimang0o) Go order you a Tee now! and follow them too.

Story written by Loko Matheka.




6 thoughts on ““S.W.A.L.K” *A Chillimango Story

  1. “If I could re arrange the alphabet, I would put U & I together”….I bet that’s why she always SWALKed all her letters.
    These photos have soul Mut! I can actually feel her anguish!!!

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