Personality Thursday [54] – Rocking with Murfy’s fLaw

Hey guys. Today I’d like to introduce to you & others, Murfy’s fLaw, an alternative rock band I had the privilege of photographing a short while back. Started in 2007, I knew some of them from way back in JKUAT where I used to see Jozie playing her bass guitar on the basketball court at very odd hours(don’t ask me what I was doing awake at odd hours, I was a student of architecture…odd hours are our hours). Obviously it was a pleasure getting asked to do the shoot. Made up of 6 people; drummer Vicky, bassist Jozie, Punky on guitar, 9 on lead guitar, Jojo on keys & Reema on lead vocal. They already have one album out, Makosa, released in 2008.

Now they are a few days away from releasing their second album, Hello Light. Launching on 11. 11. 11 in the city & on 12.11.11 at Michael Joseph Center. So there if you wanted something cool to do on this epic date, there you go. It shall be at the Michael Joseph center at Safaricom house(Waiyaki way) from 6pm.

Ok so on to the photography.







Now on to the the making of the cover(well, at least what I hope is the cover). First we did some light painting which everyone took part. This bit was fun, then tiring, then cool, the back to tiring. Many, many attempts later, we managed to somewhat write something that did not look like a baby’s hand wrote it. We liked these two.

Then we went on to shoot the individuals. For this shot, I photographed everybody individually in their respective positions(we determined this before), kept the light at one point, then shot. After that I merged the exposures in photoshop to get me this.

Which I proceeded to “mess up” to get me this.

So on 11.11.11, I shall get to know what made the cover.

You can get in touch with Murfy’s fLaw through their website, | listen to some of their music on facebook |watch then on youtube | follow them on twitter @flawbymurfy

The Album Launch

For long, rock has been considered “elitist underground music” in Kenya, but nn Friday 11.11.11 Murfy’s fLaW are turning rock on it’s head, and taking it out of the dark, into the bright light of Nairobi.  One band, on one mobile stage, touring the city for 1 day, playing the songs of their new album all over.

This will culminate with a release party on Saturday 12th November, at Michael Joseph Centre.

Event details: Michael Joseph Centre, Safaricom House HQ2, (Waiyaki Way), Westlands | Gates open at 6pm | Tickets price 500.

Tickets can be bought from M-Pesa ticketing, or by calling 0737-MURFYS (0737 – 687 397). See further details here.

“Say goodbye to the night, hello to the light”

18 thoughts on “Personality Thursday [54] – Rocking with Murfy’s fLaw

  1. Mnatty, Mzungu, and a guy who can jump freakishly high….these guys have the right image to take them places hahaha
    Love your Music- judging form the hiphopper your photographer dearest is, I doubt he can TRULY say the same…
    MAD LOVE Murphy’s fLaw- Hiyo album kubuy PAP!!!

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