Personality Thursday [53] – Owen Mwatia

Most of you are familiar with Owen Mwatia more popularly known as Daddy Owen. He has been a trailblazer in gospel music in Kenya and now he is about to release his third album in a few days, on 12.12.2011 which is 12th December, 2011 at the KICC. Come. I, myself are excited about this as I really enjoyed ‘System ya Kapungala’. He came into studio to do some photography for press, album artwork and all that. The photos on the blog are the ones I tweaked extra to avoid reality but I still ended up giving some pretty clean photos for press.

Help me select a poster?

Today I have a favor to ask. I also designed a few posters for him in the same direction and we need some help in selecting a direction for the art work. Could you help by picking your favorite from the one’s below? You can let me know in a comment below. Thank you





Let me know in a comment what your choice is. Have a fabulous day.

38 thoughts on “Personality Thursday [53] – Owen Mwatia

  1. I like the last poster!! But I noticed that you got the dates all mixed up. If the concert’s on 12th November 2011 then the poster should read 12.11.2011 as opposed to 12.12.2011 which makes us think it’s in December.

    • Not really. I’m actually trying to develop a language for everything now. You see I did the ‘maturer’ type poster 1. The rest are more colorful and younger, I think. These are all directions I can take bila noma but I’d like to hear from other guys like you

      • from the above explanation then i think i’d go with poster 1, he’s no longer a ‘toddler’ in the industry but more mature and at the same time able to communicate with his fans (more of the youth in my opinion)

  2. I choose number 3.
    But i think with the name of the album and the theme as well as the gerne of music that his album mainly contains (majority of songs in the album), may help us be more clear about the poster to choose.

    Despite that Mutua, great job. Am waiting for the release of 501’s new single.

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