Personality Thursday [52] – Brothers of the Lens – Part 2

So my expose’ of the people behind some of the lovely imagery and videography you see around goes on. These are my friends and they mostly hide behind their cameras as an excuse not to be photographed. Well, get to see them and hopefully connect with some of them as I keep getting opportunities to photograph them. You may want to see Part 1 & Sisters of the Lens Part 1.

Shadrack Mwamburi aka @shaydest has been shooting for a short while and is working to get his game up on a daily. I have known him over a year now though he’s someone I used to see way back when I used to church-hop a lot(I settled at one church eventually). He appears to have an eye for event & sports photography. Shaydest’s preferred tool of trade is the Nikon D3000.

Check out his work on his blog and his 500px.

David Sikobe aka @skubi is a videographer, or is it cinematographer? Pick the one that sounds better :). I have known him for quite a while now and know that he has a great passion for film. Be on the look out for the stuff that he shall put out for the world. He rocks a Canon T2i or 550D if you prefer.

Check out his YouTube channel to see his work


3 thoughts on “Personality Thursday [52] – Brothers of the Lens – Part 2

  1. Haicha! kwani ulikuwa unashoot look-alikes??? Shaydest looks like Montel Jordan and Skubi reminds me of Archer Mishale’s bro called Melvin!!!

    Good stuff bruv :)

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