“Boombox Love” *A Chillimango story

Remember the two lovers? The Black Mamba girl, and her city lover who is really not a city lover? Well, just like before if you just responded with Ati?, then I suggest you checkout The Black Mamba, and its sequel Ati.

And so there he was, in the middle of the big bad city, looking for his lover. A bit flustered, he tuned his boom box to his favorite radio station- the station that uses to  tuma salaamz to his lovely black mamba girl. Maybe, just maybe he would hear her favourite.

Well, it’s not the one that was playing, but at least the songs reminded him of home. After a little crackling, the news radio did a re run of the black mamba accident- the girll was unscathed, but the truck had barely lived to tell the tale.

Oh, my lover. My one and only. Where art thou?, he wondered as he continued to listen to his boom box
Modeled by Shadrack aka @shaydest. Tees & styling by Njeri aka ‘Black Mamba Girl’ for Chillimango Designs. (@chillimang0o) Go order you a Tee now! and follow them too.
Story written by Loko Matheka.

11 thoughts on ““Boombox Love” *A Chillimango story

  1. I also wonder where that boombox came from. Does it even work? Is it AM/FM/SW/LW? The focus was on the love story and the dude and the chick. But about the poor humble boombox? Oh the stories it would tell! Oh the suffering it must have undergone! Oh the humanity!

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