Tasty Tuesday – Chicken & Cheese Sandwich with onion rings

My oh my. It has been long since I did Tasty Tuesday. Well, glad to be back. Our house has recently taken to having sandwiches on Sunday mpaka now it’s a Sandwich Sunday type thing going on. I saw a recipe on a beef sandwich on carnaldish.com and thought of switching it up a bit. Now, if the photos don’t justify this, the sandwich is finger licking good. Try it, you won’t be dissapointed.

So this is what you do. By the way, I am no food blogger so don’t expect measurements and all. Just sharing something I tried…ok? You shall have to get creative with it.

Slice your white onions super thin(well, as thin as you can). 1 large onion is enough for this. Put them in a dish and soak them in milk. Let this sit aside in the fridge for about 1hr for the flavor to soak in.

You need these to make a nice spread for the sandwich. About a half cup of mayo, A teaspoon of garlic, A tablespoon each of thyme and basil(if you can get it fresh, good) and some dhania(chopped up real fine). Mix it up manually or use a blender, either work but work it up to a nice smooth mixture like this.

Let this also sit in the fridge for about 30min-1hr for the flavors to infuse.

Remember, it’s a chicken sandwich so preferably use deboned chicken breasts(as much as you need, be it far from me to separate a person from their chicken, I used 1kg). Marinate it. I made a marinade from some cooking oil, some thyme & basil, garlic and a little milk. Make sure it’s pasty, not too watery. Apply generously on the chicken breasts and let sit. It would be a better idea to even marinade the night before for the flavor to fully infuse the chicken. Oh, this is gonna be yummy.

Now we can start cooking. We need to toss the onions that we were soaking in milk in some seasoned flour. The seasoned floor is ideally; All purpose flour, Salt(1 teaspoon), Peprika(1 teaspoon) & a dash of white pepper. This is very subjective so if you like it hot, you can add 1 teaspoon of black pepper too. I don’t like it hot so yeah. Toss the onions around in this flour then deep fry them in very hot oil.

This is kinda what you should have. Crispy onion rings.

Bring out your chicken breasts and apply a little oil on the pan and sear the chicken breasts for about 5min per side or until they get that nice almost burnt up look. You want that burnt flavor, trust me.

Nice, right? Let that relax on the side as we get the rolls ready.

Apply your spread on the ciabatta rolls(split em in half first). After that, grill the rolls with the spread side down on the pan for a few minutes till they get a little burnt.

Slice the chicken diagonally into nice thin slices of pure delight. Place these on the bottom side of the roll. After that place a layer of cheese on the chicken(I used mozarella but you can use any cheese that melts easy). Place your sandwiches in the oven with the cheese exposed so that it melts down into the chicken.

Get them out and add a layer of the onions and then a layer of dhania and then place the top side on the roll and place that back into the oven for about 10minutes. Your sandwiches are ready to devour.

If you make this and regret it, I shall pay you myself. For the ‘proper’ way, I’d suggest you go on to carnaldish.com and see more of the details. I just made this with whatever was available. Do have a happy experimental day people.


19 thoughts on “Tasty Tuesday – Chicken & Cheese Sandwich with onion rings

  1. I requested for Tasty Tuesday, and while I regret the hunger pangs I feel now, this is a must-try recipe!!!
    Although it seems like a lot of trouble to go for a sandwich, it does look tasty.

    Now, where’s that fruit salad…..

  2. Its good I chose to check out this blog in the afte unlike my usual before lunch round! Phew!
    Lovely lovely… I had to swallow saliva at every pic :

  3. these were awwwwwsooooommmmmmmme! the sandwiches that is…..oh yeah, the photos too lol! They are totally worth the “trouble”

  4. Hi,
    My name is Joseph and i’m a recovering from obesity,my form has taken a dip since you started ‘Tasty Tuesday’……my doctor is advising me to keep away from your blog ,especially on Tuesdays:-D
    New Wallpaper in 5,4,3,2,1…..

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