The beach, the dame & the boy

There was no doubt, the boy was kinda lost. I mean, he had a beach, a white sandy beach, but it seemed that it all meant nothing to him with no one to share it with. He thought about it and decided that he had to get himself a dame, a damsel in distress would be nice, he’d then have an excuse to take out his shirt and flex his chiseled abs…but he would settle for any kind of dame. Some called him a beach boy, beach boy? He had to shed off this peculiar assumption they had…he had to find a dame. He needed to search the seas and oceans for the ultimate dame. Just in case she saw him first, he removed his shirt so that he can use his abs as a reflector to signal the dame from afar(he’d heard that the dames were attracted to shinny lights). He had to try it out.

Somehow, their theory was right, was it? Only time would tell..all he could do was keep flexing and reflecting the light, maybe a dame would see the flashing lights and gravitate towards them. It might have hurt to keep flexed but he had to remember the mission. Got. To. Stay. Clenched! He was giving up and the tide was coming back in but it seemed that the tide also brought in good tidings for him. A dame of very light consistency approached him. She was light, and drawn by the flashing lights only to find the boy, almost dying from over-clenching. She was his breath of freshness. She returned his cool and sculptured his abs back into shape. Together like ebony & ivory they made the lights flash even more.

This is the second installation of my ‘beachy series’ coordinated by Fashion 2die4. Check out their tumblrfacebook & follow them on twitter (@fashion_2die4 ). This specific post was modelled by Hanako Takishi & David Waititu aka Tito. Feel free to leave your thoughts below.

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