Personality Thursday [50] – The Boys are Back

Ok, forget the title…I have wanted to do a ‘The boys are back’ title for long, It wasn’t forthcoming so this is the closest to appropriate. Today I want to give you some insight into my life and 3 of the closest people I have in it. You see in life seemingly random things happen that we don’t really pay attention to until years later when we look back and connect the dots and go like ‘whoa!’ Well, I always go ‘Whoa!’. I believe that is God’s way of telling you ‘I got you’ and also His way of showing off…I kinda like it. So anyway back to the boys. When I was much younger, my mother used to insist that our family sing in church and stuff like that. My sister used to enjoy that kinda stuff so we kinda expected she would be into music. I was the one who went under the table (literally) when called out to sing. By some strange twist of nature, I got very interested in singing in high school. This is where I met Gibson Ndirangu aka Ndrash (the second guy from the left in the photo above & below). We were classmates and good friends in high school and sang together then. For us it was a way to pass time.

Gibby had always wanted to be a military man so you can imagine my shock when we ended up in the same campus, JKUAT, in 2001 or is 2002. So naturally, our friendship would continue in campus like it just paused from our high school days. Ndrash’s new path was the path of engineering. Believe it or not, this guy finds steel structures very sexy, yes, I know, what’s up with these engineers? So anyway, as we keep hanging out in my room in campus(room 501) for the ones who shall get that, we meet my campus room mate, Kevo.

Kevo and Gibson recognise each other because they grew up together in the barracks. They knew each other back when Bruce Lee was the coolest thing and Shawn Michaels was the ‘sexy boy’ of wrestling, back then, the Undertaker was really scary. So us guys became a close unit and based on our mutual love for singing, started singing again. Our music group did not have a name so after racking our brains and finding very little deep stuff(understandably so, we were in 1st year, give us a break). We decided to call ourselves ‘’ after our campus room. Yeah. We had another dude called Manyara and a chic called Jacquie with us but they had to leave eventually so this story does not revolve much around them. In 2002, we entered the Safaricom Star Search competition. We decided to do a fuse that had som ragga vibes in it and so came in Alex.

Alex aka Warle’ was a 2nd year when us guys were freshers so he appeared cool(a status we revoked later). He used to do some ragga type thiingy music so we collabod for Star Search. The process was long(about 6 months) and we used to meet and hang out a lot for practice and laughs so we grew very close. After Star Search, Warle’ was practically one of us and so became the now fourth member of Just in case you are wondering, we did get to the finals of Star Search alongside Nyota Ndogo, Barbara Guantai & Jerry Joe(the final four), we were runners up though :(. So after Manyara & Jackie left, we had this band of 4 boys that loved to sing and hang out and was solid.

Oh yeah, I’m that guy. I love to sing, many of you may know Mutua the wannabe photographer but maybe now you can meet Mutua, the wannabe musician. We all love to sing. Together though, we became more than just singers, musicians, we became bro’s and still are. We did an album about 4 years ago and then life changed drastically, for the better and we went silent for a while. You can listen to some of it on our Soundcloud and sample it.

Now, we have a new single coming out tomorrow. If you like what you hear, there is more. God is expressly who we sing about. He has influenced our lives in a way that cannot be explained and we do love Him a lot and try to sing that and more importantly live that way. We hope that a song may change your perspective of life, maybe give someone hope, I don’t know, something.

Do have an amazing day ahead.

To listen to some music, visit our Sound cloud and/or ‘like’ our Facebook page.


29 thoughts on “Personality Thursday [50] – The Boys are Back

  1. Hmmm….
    Notable use of the word ‘sexy’ to describe steel structures…
    Jackie is a girl?? Juu i know hall 5 is for ye of the male species…

    That said, I’m glad i know y’all…:-)

    • Yes, Jacquie is a girl and she just practically lived in our room(though we do not encourage cohabiting :)). I’m sure you can relate. Also you may be too young to know her :)(that had to come up)

  2. here’s where I say I used to be in that room 5-01 the year before. used to have a very good view …
    I remember the first time you sang at a Nairet meeting ‘mbona mnatucheki hivi …’ great to see where God has taken you. oh and as Alex’s balcony mate I used to hear your practice sessions. I remember Gibby doing some freestyle with the words makasi and other rhymes.
    looking forward to the new track

  3. This is a very cool post! Making me warm inside! :-D Super awesome. All these creative minds together, awesome! As Alex still looks like he’s in uni, lol :-P …it’s a good thing Alex! :p

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