Something beachy

Hi guys. Today is an exciting day for me…I really don’t know why but I feel all giddy inside. So anyway, a few weeks ago, I went to the Kenyan coast of Mombasa to do a fashion shoot. The location was very unlikely, Mtwapa…some call it Sin City, I did not see why during my time there. Now my first choice would not have been Mtwapa but i’m glad I was wrong. While out to scout I found this very cool beach called Customs beach and decided to do the shoot there. This is the first installation of my ‘beachy series’ coordinated by Fashion 2die4. Check out their tumblr, facebook & follow them on twitter (@fashion_2die4 ). This specific post was modelled by Michelle Njoki.

A little photo speak if I may: I chose to do the shoot early in the morning, where early means 8am not 5am…so I can utilise the sun before it becomes very harsh. This helps to give side light that is not totally crap. I was using a golden reflector to bounce back some light into her face and also to give a nice golden feel to the photo…I like the golden feel. I had a huge challenge in metering to expose for the model and the environment at the same time. This was some strange balance that is difficult to obtain for me as I did not want to wash out the back drop..I mean, we were at the beach. For the post processing, I chose to go with a very youthful, natural but enhanced color vibe. I did not change the colors but boosted them a bit to make it kinda fresh & ethereal if I may.

Keep viewing and drop a comment, if you want.


13 thoughts on “Something beachy

  1. Nice! Too bad I take beaches totally for granted.

    I must say Michelle Njoki is very brave. I don’t know too many people who would get half body into those coral caves.

    Mtwapa is sin city alright. Its sinful life crawls out in the night.

  2. This time, you really went interstellar with it. Too good. Just too good! *Takes one more look at this post. Slowly packs up all his camera equipment. Goes to the side walk and deposits it there with a “free camera” sign. Slowly walks away.*

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