Thogi vs. The Gorge

It has been so long since we did the Hells Gate photos so I wanted to post a few of the remaining ones to keep things moving. If you haven’t seen the previous post (Crouching Tiger, Hidden Thogi), check it out. These are from the oneTouch Live edition from a while ago. My group was shooting Thogi and we were using a reflector with the gold side to bring back light onto the model. The sun was overhead and very harsh so what we opted to do was shoot in the shade(instead of directly under the sun) and instead bounce the sunlight back using the gold reflector. That is where all the light on her face is coming from. This way we avoided getting those harsh shadows under the eyes and nose. Another thing that was frustrating due to the sun was the harsh lines formed by shadows on the gorge itself(see left side of photo)..I decided to shoot showing lots of the right side of the gorge instead and exposed for the shadow area which had a good gradation I think. As always this was done in collaboration with 2 extra ordinary people; Kay Ndeto (stylist) & Sonny Kay (make up).

Okay. On to the photos…

I love to do close up portraits. I did some while there before changing location. I decided to edit them a bit errm differently from what you would expect especially in this post. So have a look and let me know what you think.

Model: Thogii | Make up by Sonny Kay | Stylled by Kay Ndeto

Thogii is dressed in a Burgundy bustier with a love heart neckline and alternate champagne lace detail on bodice courtesy of Maria J. Gladiator heels are model’s own.

*All Jewelry was provided by Taz Worx ( 0724900054)

Thogi’s Blog: Getting on the Runway (go visit)




7 thoughts on “Thogi vs. The Gorge

  1. Always pays to have a model who knows what they are doing and someone who puts a camera to good use…fantastic photographs are the outcome…the edited ones would work superbly for fashion ads…Great Job Mutua!!

  2. Mutua! These pictures are fantastic! Truly we had a lot of fun in that gorge mpaka it’s become evident in our pics, wink! Awesome stuff, you have an awesome team, look at the work they’ve produced! Kudos. I love them! :-D

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