Personality Thursday [49] – Mini Personalities*

Hi guys, today I have 3 unsuspecting victims of the lens. I’m not sure they fully understood what I was doing to them while taking this pictures. They mostly stared at me partly drooling, partly smiling sheepishly…it was hard not to keep shooting. Ladies & gentlemen I want you to meet my 2 nephews and niece. I think they are photogenic and did well in front of the lens.

Meet Kilee Nigel. He is approaching 2..or is it 3. Yes, 3!! He is a bright young man who seems to be taking an artistic interest. He knows a great deal of colors by name and can point them out. He also knows the names of way more animals than I knew at that age. He looks a lot like what I imagine my dad looked like at this age. As expected, he is kinda naughty. And when he asks questions, he expects detailed answers, saying yes, no, sawa shall not cut it for this young man.

Meet Wendo. She’s about 1(I have a problem remembering ages in months). Right now she has a great interest in drooling & eating fingers. In her defense, there is something about fingers. She has a look that makes you feel like you are being scrutinized big time and a smile that would light you up. She also likes to hang out in her car seat and bump tunes…yeah, she says this is the life.

Meet Kalya. Apart from drooling, he also likes to walk around and reach for things. He’s fast approaching 1. He absolutely loves music and particularly the guitar, every time he hears the sound of a guitar, or sees one, he stops what he’s doing to listen. Maybe he shall be this great player in the future. He also seems to derive pleasure from seeing his dad and other grown up’s doing silly things and embarrassing themselves.


11 thoughts on “Personality Thursday [49] – Mini Personalities*

  1. awwwwwww…….just awwwwwwwww….will be looking at these all day! you forgot to say how Kalya laughs at “Ndawa ya mede, koklosh mandalar.”

  2. Hehehheheheee…the last kid “Kalya”… it the Kao Kalya?…..interesting selection of names by the parents…mutua the first kid ni copy yako:-D…..great pictures…..always wondered why you never feature kids?

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