Ati? – *A Chillimango story

Remember the story about the Black Mamba girl? and the young lady who needed to go find her lover in Nairobi? If your answer to this questions is Ati? then we’re gonna have a problem. Of course it would be advisable for you to read the ‘Beware the Black Mamba’ story because this, this is the sequel.

This though is the story of a young man, a man whose lover was coming all the way from Ng’ong to visit the big bad city. Remember her? She was the one in the Black Mamba. Good thing that the Black Mamba girl sorted her out without involving any snakes. So the young man was anxious about his lovers’ visit…mostly because he knew she knew that he was a Nairobian while the reality was that he knew that he wasn’t a Nairobian at all. He did not know the city and it’s ways or he wouldn’t be carrying around that huge boombox on his shoulder. He wondered why everyone looked at him strange. His answer to them was emblazoned on his Tee! Most backed down when faced with that question/statement.

He was tired from his search. Cool joints seemed to be rare in the city this time of the year. They had moved to find greener pastures and he had to catch a breath and the 1 o’clock news. According to the news, a huge Black Mamba had hit a truck on the Ngo’ng – Nairobi highway. This was going to cause traffic snarl ups on that road, meaning his lover would be kinda late. Strangely enough, the accident was between Black Mamba girl’s Black Mamba. What was she doing on the highway outside Ngo’ng? Was she invading Nairobi to put Tee’s on everyone? No one knew and these questions needed answering. She did walk out of the accident unharmed, just in case anyone was wondering. We can’t say the same about the truck though. We understand it sustained heavy damage from the hard core Black Mamba.

After what seemed like an eternity, his lover had arrived in the big bad city. It was hard, she had to wrestle an old lady and her husband for their scooter. After a serious fight, she won and took her spoils of war. Now, the problem was that she was another clueless-on-Nairobi girl and she did need to find her lover. This was going to be a long day. She tried hitch hiking but it the car drivers seemed to know that she’d beat up old people because they drove by very fast while avoiding eye contact with her.

She was confused, very confused.

Modeled by Shadrack aka @shaydest & Joanne aka @gummybear254. Tees & styling by Njeri aka ‘Black Mamba Girl’ for Chillimango Designs. (@chillimang0o) Go order you Tee now! and follow them too.


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