Streets of Nairobi

*20th century movie theater

Yes, I know today is personality Thursday but as I have been saying…we are not yet up to proper programming yet so…for now i’m just switching things up a bit. Next week, proper programming! Cool?

So today I share photos that have been a small personal project the past few weeks as I took walks in our city. I have taken a keen interest & liking to street photography and would like to pursue it further but it’s hard for me as I really don’t like personal confrontation. I’d much rather shoot unnoticed that engage my subject…I know i’m a sissy in that regard, but i’m working on it. Baby steps first though, this time I hung my camera on my shoulder and held it steady using my left hand while using a remote to fire the shutter from my right hand. It was hard getting the exact shots I wanted but I succeeded at least 50% of the time. Here is what I deemed interesting.

*Early morning crossing at Kencom bus station opp. Kenya National Archives

*Nairobi City Council workers meetup outside Ambassadeur Hotel which is also a landmark bus stage

*Small gathering right outside the Kenya National Archives. Can’t remember if it was a story teller or a newspaper reading session..

*Ambassadeur hotel bus station

*The lady sells bread at Bakers Inn

*Tusker bus station(Ronald Ngala st). Workers commute

*Ronald Ngala Street. Early morning commute

*Mama Ngina Street looking into the Hilton Hotel

*Mama Ngina Street, pedestrian

*A #46 City Hopper tout at the Kencom bus stage. *Commuters at the Kencom bus stage city clock

*Crossing City Hall way

*Kaunda street/City Hall way junction

*Crossing City Hall way. City Hall is in the background

*An aerial view of City Hall way crossing

*Some folk conversing on a flower bed near City Hall

Well, that’s all folks. I hope I got you to connect with your city(if your Nairobian), if not, I hope I got you to connect with our city. Do have a fabulous day y’all.

13 thoughts on “Streets of Nairobi

  1. I just discovered you and you are a breath of fresh air. Mutua do you do video? Are you familiar with red? Also have seen delicatesen? I am very curios to see if we can recreate filters to have a similar look in a Kenyan film, I am asking you cos of your use of Sepia, but i want more tahn that, like a yellowish old film fade look. But we have to take account of the

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