Personality Thursday [47] – A girl who lost her hair

This, like any story worth telling, is a story about love. Love of hair, the real one not the other. And like any other story worth telling, it’s the story of a girl. Her name is not important to the story, the important thing is that she had a lot of hair on her head. She had a good relationship with her hair, many even called it love. She used to go everywhere with her hair even to the bathroom…i mean, this was the real deal. They were inseparable, also because she had no receipt for it. She used to look at it with loving eyes and spend time holding it…it was wow!

Then all that changed when she met this guy that was quite snippy and cross legged, some may even call him Makasi aka Sizas. Her relationship with her hair started deteriorating as Sizas poisoned her against hair. She started feeling like she was better off with Sizas & without hair. First it was the lack of touch…then she stopped talking to hair altogether. She worst was when she wanted to stop going everywhere with hair, gasp. It shocked us all. One day she just left hair at home and went out without her…she said “we can always get reacquainted later”.

That was when she went through a few stages of depression. There was shock, illusions of grandeur, shivering & even sudden screams at night, she even tried to get back together with hair, she terminated her friendship with Sizas and tried to make peace with hair. She was in a place called denial. She stayed there for a while but the good thing is that she has attention deficit disorder so she quickly forgot about hair and made a new friend. Her new friend is Short Hair but she prefers to be called Shorty. I am happy to report that the girl and Shorty are having a beautiful relationship thus far. They even came to make pictures with me. So allow me to present Mwongeli aka @mwongely & Shorty.

*This is an idea I graciously ‘borrowed’ from Macharia of Kulture63 photography to make the portrait pop(I also borrowed it coz it was just a damn good idea, he implemented it much better though). Check out his work on the website 

*the above story was fictitious and therefore no names were changed to protect the privacy of the people & hairs mentioned


*Side Note

There has been many efforts by many people to get together as Kenyans to feed our unfortunate brothers & sisters in drought stricken areas. I am not spear heading anything but I just wanted to challenge readers on this blog to also help. By sacrificing a meal or 250ksh you could feed a family of six. You can read about Ahmed Salim’s initiative here and find even more details. But for those that may not go there, quick whip put your phone now and….’feedKe’. We really can do this as Kenyans for Kenyans.

On Mpesa Paybill to ‘10,000’ Acc ‘feedke

On  Airtel nickname ‘REDCROSS’ reference ‘feedke


Ps: all funds are collected directly to the Kenya Red Cross and a report is available on request. 

Also you can support via the ‘Kenyans for Kenya’ initiative by sending via

Mpesa paybill number ‘111111’ account number ‘111111’

KCB Account number ‘1133333338’

More info on the facebook page.




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