“Beware the Black Mamba” *A Chillimango Story

The stage has previously been set in the *Behind the scenes* for this shoot. The story is told of a young girl from Ngong’ who needed to see her lover as soon as possible. Evidently, matters of style came into play as her lover was in Nairobi town, she needed to look her best. Another story is told of a young lady who liked to clothe everyone in Tees. She woke up everyday and searched the villages for people that she could dress in her Tees, you see, most people in the village did not understand the importance of this accessory she was so passionate about, the Tee. They wondered why she picked that letter Tee to describe her piece of clothing, why not Bee or Dabliu or Eff…why Tee? Little did we know that the destinies of these two young ladies were intertwined.

So the second young lady got onto her black mamba and did what she did everyday, go out and look for people to explain what Tees were. Up the hills and down the valleys she rode. At the top of the hills near the rotating things, she found a distraught young girl who happened to be our young girl from the previous paragraph. She was distraught because she did not have something nice to wear to go see her lover in Nairobi. “I have your solution”, said Black mamba girl. “I have a Tee!”

Talks of the Black Mamba had spread through the village and caused fear among the locals. The young girl was scared when Black Mamba girl produced the Tee, the Black Mamba Tee. She had to calmed down and Black Mamba girl had a hard time explaining that the Black Mamba here was just a mode of transport and not a slithery slippery creature. Times became much easier for the young girl as Black mamba girl told her “You don’t need to beware of the Black Mamba, instead wear the Black Mamba”. Satisfied that she had made a girl stylish for her lover, Black Mamba girl got onto her Black Mamba and cheerfully rode off into the distance.

*End of Part 1*

Modeled by Joanne aka @gummybear254. Tees & styling by Njeri for Chillimango Designs. (@chillimang0o) Go order you Tee now! and follow them too.

*Side Note

There has been many efforts by many people to get together as Kenyans to feed our unfortunate brothers & sisters in drought stricken areas. I am not spear heading anything but I just wanted to challenge readers on this blog to also help. By sacrificing a meal or 250ksh you could feed a family of six. You can read about Ahmed Salim’s initiative here and find even more details. But for those that may not go there, quick whip put your phone now and….’feedKe’. We really can do this as Kenyans for Kenyans.

On Mpesa Paybill to ‘10,000’ Acc ‘feedke

On  Airtel nickname ‘REDCROSS’ reference ‘feedke

Online: kenyaredcross.org

Ps: all funds are collected directly to the Kenya Red Cross and a report is available on request. 


8 thoughts on ““Beware the Black Mamba” *A Chillimango Story

  1. gai Mutua this is just so..(how do you describe something so totally out of this world…uko in the planets??).. Dude you’ve got mad talent. Ebu piga magoti uambie Mungu asante…yes right now! Hehe… Again…thanks for making my tees look so good..you and @gummybear254… Y’all rock!!

    As for story-telling….. hehehe… wacha tu

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