[BTS] – Journey of a Nairobian *with Chillimango designs

Hi good people(well bad ones too, no discrimination here). Last weekend a few creatives; Njeri of Chillimango designs, Steve Kitoto(photographer) & I took to the hills…then the streets to shoot a story about Chillimango designs. This is a sneak peek into the stuff we went through to make it happen.

We wanted to do a very loose shoot highlighting the stuff around us that we liked, landscapes, the city grit etc. So Njeri supplied the tees and Joanne & Shaydest were the models. Steve & I shot the whole thing. We knew we wanted to start in Ngong’ no idea where but Njeri suggested the Windmills at the top of Ngong hills and we went there scouting. Beautiful location, good choice. We scouted and were drawn to some old machine(it was yellow), looked like a playground…we(at least Steve & I, loved it). It looked like this(below)..

*Njeri tried to impress us with her photography skills(or handling a camera skills) but we didn’t buy it. We asked her to stick to tees hehe

We shot here for a while(almost all morning) then decided to head into town…Nairobi town. We had acquired a permit allowing us to photograph the city. We wanted peace of mind and were not going to risk having the council on our necks for not having one. The drill in the CBD was pretty basic. We would walk around till we see something interesting then stop there and shoot. It was a lot of fun. The images from the shoot shall be coming out very soon so keep it locked.

*Scenes from tao. Shaydest was very confused as to whether we wanted him there as model or shooter. In related news, directing photographers is hard work…they are such know-it-all’s when it comes to pictures hehehe.




13 thoughts on “[BTS] – Journey of a Nairobian *with Chillimango designs

  1. out of curiosity muts, how much was the permit for the day n is it a very difficult doc to land. (horrifying pics of long inefficient queues and forced bribery leapt to my mind when i read that bit!)

  2. I vehemently refuse and detest the last paragraph. I was a very good model..I just thought directing abit kiasi, using a photographers opinion would help but nooo..asante ya mapunda ni mateke.
    Good job on this tho’! Can’t wait for the final shebang!

    • And if we wanted a director we would have got one. As we said, when we want your opinion we shall give it to you….Kwera kabisa. But thanks for modelling on the few instances you were quiet

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