Personality Thursday [46] – Wairimu Mwaura

Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to introduce to you and others Miss Wairimu Mwaura aka @MissMwaura. She contacted me to do this shoot and we planned it chap chap. We wanted to do it at a place with long grass…it’s amazing how hard it is to find a place like that within Nairobi. Ended up at Uhuru gardens which is pretty cool(it was my first time there, i know, i know) someone there tried to hustle us for money saying we were doing a professional shoot with a huge camera(it really isn’t huge) and that we needed to pay 5k. Thankfully we had Patricia who was there to doll up Wairimu. She handled sir bribesalot proper and our shoot went on without another hitch.

It was really cool to meet Wairimu & hang out at this shoot…i’m hoping I was good company too(my people skills suck much), it was a very deep shoot…lots of laughter and joy and reminiscing and all that. I found her to be a person I could have a real conversation with, fun to be around and at times goofy.

I want to say to Wairimu that I hope she finds meaning in the things that she seeks and that God shall shine Himself on her and bless her & her family richly. I pray that the warmth of His presence shall be real in her life in a way that only she shall know. I pray for peace and I pray for awesomeness to follow her for all time.

*Welcome to Rio :)

All this done, huge amounts of Uchumi sandwiches were downed. I should say I also introduced Wairimu to Bites, my favorite snacks. Special thanks to Patricia Kihoro for being here during the shoot, being Miss Director and make-up lady and friend on standby during the shoot.


22 thoughts on “Personality Thursday [46] – Wairimu Mwaura

  1. .
    I Love It.
    I Am Watching You ” Carefully”.
    Learning A Whole Lot From You.
    It’s Like I Be Your “ReTweet”, Studied Architecture, Masquerading As An Interior Designer And Having A Great Passion For Photography.
    Once I Get My Self A CANON 5D MarkII, It Will Be Fierce Competition, Student Verses Mentor, Hehehe.
    Still. Watching You. Closely.


  2. BEAUTIFUL!!!! Wairimu is in deed beautiful within and without and I loved your commentary and your wishes for her. Most of all I LOVED the photos. Deadly sana!

  3. i luv the silhouette shots.. but my fav is the one where she is holding herself in the grass. very cool, vulnerable.. self-rejuvenation.. and you got her eyes.. there is alot in her eyes.. beautifully shot.

  4. She is soooo beautiful!…and the beauty of her pictures capture the beauty of her personality!…And of course I love the photography! Lol!…just had to shoutout my girl first! :-)

  5. Awesome pictures!!! I love the one with a piggy tailed girl looking at the camera man. Some innocence there :-) The silhouettes are amazing!

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