Crouching Tiger Hidden Thogii

Hi guys. Last month, oneTouch live edition(dubbed “Hell Hath No Fury”) was at Hell’s Gate National Park and my oh my what a day. We had our model on call, Thogii available with Njeri & Kathy also modelling(their photos to come soon), Sonny Kay on make up and Kay Ndeto on style. The idea was to shoot a bridal spread in a different way, bring some grit into it.

Like every oneTouch live edition, the goal is for us to learn as much as possible & this was no different. We were in 3 groups of 3 photographers each & 1 model. I got to shoot and direct and I got to rock the reflector too…we shot on rotation so that everyone got a chance to be a shooter, director and gaffer. It was my first time to actively use a reflector and I loved the experience..well as long as you have sun to reflect back. Our group did not have flashes to use. All this was shot on natural lighting.

Challenges were mostly nature inspired. when the sun went behind a cloud we had to wait before shooting. When it came out, it was too harsh creating very harsh shadows. Our solution was to keep the model in the shade and reflect the light back on her(this worked very well) also we placed the model in a position where we would make good use of the shadows and highlights and still make it look good(this was much harder but worked to some extent).

Enjoy the images. I would be glad to answer any questions you may have here to the best of my limited knowledge.

Model: Thogii | Make up by Sonny Kay | Stylled by Kay Ndeto

Thogii is dressed in a Burgundy bustier with a love heart neckline and alternate champagne lace detail on bodice courtesy of Maria J. Gladiator heels are model’s own.

*All Jewelry was provided by Taz Worx ( 0724900054)


10 thoughts on “Crouching Tiger Hidden Thogii

  1. Me likes this :) I’d want to see some without the sepia toning/vintage look though.

    As for the reflector, first time or not, you did a great job with the lighting. I’m guessing you used a gold one? For future shoots, you can also try a white one. The effect is less specular (softer on the highlights) ….and less blinding to the model ;-)

    PS Very talented model if I do say so myself! I’d like to shoot her (with camera, no bullets, I promise :))

    • Kathurima…thanks for the comment. I did a post after this showing the before & after for this for those who’d like to see. I tried the white side too of the reflector but as the sun was too harsh, we had to shoot in the shadow & needed mob light. For this my thinking was that the reflector was to reduce the harsh fall-off of light. Also, the golden tone worked very very well with Thogi’s skin…did I mention I love golden tones :)

  2. Mutz, the pictures get better and better! I really loved this shoot. Being up on that tree was too cool, lol :-D Although, one can’t tell just how high up it was coz the zoom on that machine of yours…chee! Awesome stuff :-D Thank you good people, I’m glad you like the pictures :-D

    #teamthogi ? I’m loving eet! :-D ;-D

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