Personality Thursday [45] – Sisters of The Lens (part 1)

Last week I introduced you to a part 1 of an expose of these people that keep pushing limits, daring nature to get you awesome images sometimes provoking you, other times impressing you and a few times just plain annoying you. I had a few brothers on the light and rightfully, I now bring you part 1 of the sisters of the Lens. These are girls who don’t keep their nails long as that interfears with pressing the shutter. They are on the prowl ready to shoot anything & anyone that catches their eye. With a flicker in their eye and a gleam from their lenses they walk this earth seeking to show the best of their world. They are the Sisters of The Lens.

I met Diana Ngila aka @dianangila via either twitter or facebook I forget. But we met at a concert and have grown our friendship a lot from there. She has a beautiful yet strange mind…and I say this in all innocence. Diana’s mind is a continuous clockwork of activity that makes a conversation with her leave me inspired and also having the feeling that I talk very little :)(sorry). She loves documentary photography and we call her Mdame wa Somalia coz she would like to shoot in areas like that and document tragedy and what not. She also loves to travel a lot to shoot all the above and bring the story to you. She also writes, you can read some of her thoughts on her Mawazo Lounge. She uses a Canon 7D which we(at oneTouch) christened Gadaffi, a name she absolutely hates btw but we don’t care. When you meet her make a point of asking her “Hows Gadaffi?” that should be interesting.

We would all love her to share her photography so guys please pressure her in this area, ok, Good.

Ladies & gents, I present Njeri Nginge aka @sunnynjeri. I met her a few year back…can’t really remember when, at my church. None of us were photographers then but then our relationship was a hi bye one. About a year or so ago we started talking a lot, this had a lot to do with a mutual friend and photography so I guess you can say photography got us closer. This one is a happy soul with frequent bursts of mother hen tendencies…again, said with all the love possible. She can be sweet and she can be nasty, just depends on how you present yourself. Also quite a good writer. Njeri loves to take photographs of food, soon she may start talking to the food so if you see her in one of those escapades…just wistle as you go on by…she is ok. Her toy of choice is the Canon t2i.

Check out her photography blog.

This post was written while listening to woman power music ie Ms. Independent – Neyo, A woman’s worth – Alicia Keys, Super woman – Alicia Keys ….  just to get into the mood of elevating women.


9 thoughts on “Personality Thursday [45] – Sisters of The Lens (part 1)

  1. Now this is a blog i have enjoyed.Its good to see these beatuful Sister’s of the Lens. cant wait for more :) good job Mutua,u never dissapoint

  2. FREQUENT bursts of mother hen? REALLY muts? well i guess you are right :) I feel naked now that the whole world is seeing this

  3. Photography, like any other form of art, leaves the artist in a special, different and often mysterious kind of world. That’s why Dinah has a “beautiful yet strange mind…” She is able to involve all her senses and mind (not forgetting her best tool,the Canon 7D) to come up with the right “concoction” of the best photos ever.
    As for Njeri, writing and photography makes her another fanatic, that’s why she will talk to food.
    Anyway kudos to the lens sisters.

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