Golden Tones

Seems like I shot a million photos at oneTouch Live Lukenya Edition. I am glad to be posting the final set of photos I did on that expedition. By the time we were shooting this last set, it was dark already and really cold and windy so you can imagine that Thogi here did a lot of acting to make it seem not like so.

Enjoy the rest of the photos I made.

Next week we start on the oneTouch Live ‘Hell’s gate edition’. Thank you for viewing this

Thogii is wearing
A Cream, orange and lime drapes by Ke.Ko
Multicoloured beaded piece and string chain by Bidii Beads(Sylvia Gichia), Beaded silver neckpiece by Bead Affair & Triple looped beaded gold earings with purple strip insert by Zumaridi (0724 302 497)

Styling by Kay Ndeto

Make up by Sonnie Kay


PS/ You can catch Thogi in this months True Love on the 10 page feature.



10 thoughts on “Golden Tones

  1. *looking around*
    Kev: Hi, What’s you name?
    Thogi: I’m Thogi. What’s yours?
    Kev: You can call me whatever you like. Mor importantly, call me on 0711…..

    Seriously, mad props Mr. Mutua.
    Thogi, you are a star. That’s all.

  2. @Wangechi Thank you *blushing* #teamthogi I like the sound of that, lol, that’s pretty cool!

    @Eve Mutua our objective has been achieved :P

    @KevDaNative As we shall both be had!…0721… lol! Thanks babe!

    @Tattiana Lol, that is music to my ears!

    @Mutua You and that camera, KUDOS! This is gorgeous :-D

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