Tasty Tuesday ::: The in_Betweens

Now. Due to the numerous complaints about the effects of Tasty Tuesday to taste buds & focus levels, today we take a look at a very simple meal to make and scrumptious to eat. This past weekend, Mrs M & I discovered a killer sandwich(forget Uchumi’s that has btw suffered serious inflation, now you have to be rich to buy one), I digress…we discovered a sandwich thanks to a Martha Stewart magazine(don’t ask).

So today I shall share the process of making one(this one has been Kenyanized to suit our ingredients). Bachelors, you can thank me later after you have a taste this.

You shall need: bread(whatever you fancy) | cheese | either brawn,bacon,ham or any other nyama you want | tomatoes | onions | dhania(I really don’t know the english name), corriander | butter or blueband sorry, margarinemayonnaise

The Insides: You can apply butter or magarine or twist it up with mayo. The more adventurers can try fruit puree…I went with mayo. spread it evenly across the whole surface of the slices

The Outsides: Apply butter or magarine on the outside. Cover the whole slice well since this shall be melting into the bread as you cook it.

Slightly fry the onions, keep them aside. Slightly cook the tomato wedges enough to char them a bit. Now we are ready to start the assembly line.

Start laying with the cheese first, then the ham, then the onions, then the tomatoes, then the dhania and top it off with some more cheese. Something like this….

*with onions added

*with tomatoes & dhania added

*full assembly & cooking on one side.

Now you don’t need a grilled pan, any solid pan shall do. Cook until the bread browns or cheese melts. Then carefully flip the sandwich to cook side B. Now be careful not to press it together as you are looking at a fluffy sandwich not a compressed one, cool?

*the flip side

Your sandwich is done. Trust me, this is very very yummy. Serve with a very chilled Coke…or whatever other drink you take, sit back and dig in…actually you can’t dig in while sited back so hunch over forward and dig in.

If you do the deed well, as you should, this should be your state a few minutes later…

If you make this sandwich, kindly let me know so I can know how many addicts there are out there. Do have a tasty day.


11 thoughts on “Tasty Tuesday ::: The in_Betweens

  1. nice. English word for dhania is coriander and it’s Martha Stewart not Stuart. I see now you are beginning a food blog

  2. weeeeee…. weeeeee…. i like sana…. i see i am influencing you on the food part *pat on the back* bravo… BTW i am stealing this pics for my phone wall paper you know how i do…

  3. Haha. I also used to get flack for posting pics of the food I’d made. Seriously though, those sandwiches look timam! Now, excuse me as I tend to my growling tum.

  4. Woi! Woi! Woi!! Hii imenimaliza!! I’m soooo going to try it seeing that I’m a fan of sandwiches!! *stomach growling*

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