Personality Thursday [44] – ‘Brothers of the Lens’ part 1




Hi guys. For a while I have wanted to show y’all some people that predominantly dwell behind the lenses. It was hard work capturing these people as they happen to know the speed of the shutter and make every attempt to evade it as possible. A few empty promises later, they stayed still long enough. Some you shall know, some not. All of them, you ought to know. They are the guys that scale walls, assume all manner of strange positions, roll on dirt and stay broke due to buying new lenses and filters just to capture the best images to share with y’all. They are the ones who see better through glass and when they squint through one eye.

Meet Amunga aka Amush aka @Amungathegreat. Photographer with about 10yrs experience under his belt. He shoots a variety of stuff but Documentary is his best type of photography. I have known Amush ever since I got my camera, actually, slightly before. He was the one that got all my bugging phone calls when I didn’t understand anything photography related. We have been good friends since then. He now is the official photographer of the KWS so you shall be seeing a lot of his stuff soon. A brother is technically knowledgeable on anything photography(so for guys who ask me lots of technical questions, he’s really the one to ask). A proud owner of a Nikon D3000 and his primary machine the Nikon D90. He dreams of owning the Nikon D3s(If I’m wrong Amush, don’t correct me)

His blog. His website.

Next up is Mwangi Kirubi aka Mwarv aka @mwarv. Also has a decade or so of experience as a photographer. Very cool dude that I met a few months ago. A guy who seems to be very sane and level headed…up until the time you know him & see all the quirkiness that’s him. Mwarv is the guy you shall see shooting a very huge white lens at most concerts(inspirational). Without him, Kweli magazine would only be words. Part of the creative team at Ark and owner of a Subaru that has been to South Africa and back…on wheels. Proud owner of the Canon 7D. I think he would love it if he got the Canon 1D MkII or MkIII(coming soon) again, if I’m wrong on that last one, don’t correct me.

His blog.

Last(for today) but not least is Steve Kitoto aka Kitots aka @stevekitots. A long term friend with whom our relationship grew a few years back…maybe 3 or 2 when he was in Germany working for a year and we were doing a ‘Daily Shoot’ assignment. We literally did most of our communication via Flickr commenting on each others’ photos. Steve has been actively shooting for what I think is 1,2 or 3 year(can anyone be this uncertain) or is it 4 hehe. He has been cameras for longer though as his dad owns a vintage(now) camera that is still around. Kitots shoots a Canon 1000D and the more recent upgrade, a Canon 50D…I have no idea what he wants to shoot in the future yet…but knowing him, he shall comment and tell us :).

His blog. His 500px portfolio.

Join me next week Thursday for another edition of Personality as I expose other Brothers & Sisters of the Lens





19 thoughts on “Personality Thursday [44] – ‘Brothers of the Lens’ part 1

  1. Ahem, I must say we should see them in front of the lens more….cuteeeee:) Back to the photos, great work…nice to know the other lens men too and will definitely check out their work.

  2. Looking very good boys!! Now let’s get those endorsements from Nikon nd Canon..hakuna free advertising :) Great work as always Muts

  3. Attn Mut: Nipoa kuweka marital status… know, just so you may shatter the dreams of the viewers, or raise the hopes of others.
    Just saying!
    Oh, yes- AWESOOOME JOB!!!

  4. It’s about time! It doesn’t matter where you are in the world. The photographer is an elusive creature and can ruin a shot without hesitation (guilty)

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