[BTS] at oneTouch Live – Hell’s Gate

Hey guys. Last weekend oneTouch was at Hell’s gate for a shoot. Location of choice was the gorge that by the way, smells like sulphur in the evening. It was a long good day, very productive in terms of photography and we learnt a lot. I personally got the whole shooting with a reflector down. I did not know the true power of a reflector till Saturday. So anyway, without further ado I present the behind the scenes for the shoot that you may look forward to the results.

*The lens team and our beautiful ermm focus point in pink. They were trying to look all Super photographer status. I guess they are in their own way. Mkamburi, Nyingez, Katts, Ian, Amush, Joe, Kitots, Muts & Ed.

*The valleys & bellows we had to go through & over, just to bring you photographs. Some seemed to enjoy it a lot though.

*The beauty center headed by Sonnie Kay & Kay Ndeto. As the photographers waited impatiently for the models to be ready for the serving. It was a lot like standing around in a kitchen waiting for food to be ready

*One of the models, Kathy getting some final ‘adjustment’ from Ed as the photographers keep adjusting & readjusting their settings…a fidgety bunch

*The hungry artists and the model raising hell(I wouldn’t know why) Thogii

After all was said and done we finally got to shooting and here is a sneak peek of what to expect in the posts soon to come.

Keep it here for more. Thanks…now go on and enjoy your day

12 thoughts on “[BTS] at oneTouch Live – Hell’s Gate

  1. Reflector is just brilliant.

    I have a 5 in 1 and when I whip it out, the possibilities are endless.

    Lovely pics. Can’t wait to see more.

    I should join you when I am in town for one of these events. Looks exciting.

  2. Thanks for rubbing it in!!!!!!!!!!! I will be there next time. Can’t wait to see what y’all captured =)

  3. Eh eh, now I ran out bila breakfast, what’s a starving model to do, lol! :-P I’m uber excited to see whats to come!! ;-D @kenyanwinebrat Thanks :-D

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