Personality Thursday [43] – The Grind!

I believe that since Adam, we are all born with the inherent desire to make a living. Also, most of the time we don’t have a choice. Enter the ‘grind’. It even sounds like hard work to do, sounds like pieces of metal rubbing the crap out of each other. Sounds like something you don’t want to do. And you’d be right.

See the concept of work came as a curse to mankind when Adam disobeyed God in the garden of Eden. No wonder it always is the unnatural thing to do. It seems to suck us in, giving up everything for the grind. Sometimes giving up passion for the grind. That is how we choke, how we get blotched up from the inside outside, how we start dying before we die.

But then again, God did not make us to be alive while dead, He gave us passions, skills, talents in the hope that the grind might not be unbearable but that even on the grind, we may thrive. Find your rhythm in the grind and take a leap, a leap of faith, a leap into the unknown. A leap freeing you from the grind.

*Bonus Shot*

The shoot was done on location in Lukenya camp site. Lukenya is in Athi river area an your way to Machakos.

Models: Hanako Takishi, George Ndirangu & Winnie Muthoga aka Thogi 

Styled by Kay Ndeto

Make up by Sonnie K

Hanako is dressed in: African Print layered dress by Mohlita (0722 888 144) | ‘Maasai Mara’ stunners from C Stunners by Cyrus Kabiru

George is wearing: African print drape by Ke.Ko | Pants, sandals are Model’s own | ‘Kenyan Face’ stunners from C Stunners by Cyrus Kabiru

Thogi is dressed in: Cream lesso drape by Ke.Ko | Multicoloured brass beaded earings by Lalin Orange bangle (0729 168 850) & Bead Affair



14 thoughts on “Personality Thursday [43] – The Grind!

  1. The first pic is my new wallpaper. *winneeeng* and offcourse thogii looks out-of-this-world gorgeous. mamake ni nani? eiiish

  2. Awesome stuff! Those are some really good pictures :-D I love the last shot, just added 10 points to that pic, lol! And yes, kwani it was foggy that day? Which angle were you shooting from!, lol :-D

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