Tasty Tuesday – About Thyme

On Saturday, I got to visit this nice hidden restaurant called ‘About Thyme’ a really cool place for some fine dining. The aim was to photograph food, which by the way I should say…is a very hard thing to do with all the salivating and what not. I had gone there courtesy of Amina of the Workshop Company. Basically she does these amazing food workshops(among other types of workshops) where you learn how to make exotic food for yourself. Amazingly, some of these are simple enough to make yourself, at home.

So anyway soon the food started rolling out. Starting with the Swahili coconut and fish soup garnished with thyme(shown above)

*T bone steak barbequed to taste and served with battered onion rings and a tangy sauce.

*Chicken breast stuffed with ricotta cheese, rocket salad and roasted red capsicum with a balsamic glaze. You can have it plain grilled or not

*Light golden fried savoury blue cheese fritters served with chilli jam

Finish up with Crème brulee trio- crème brulee with a caramelised sugar crust in a trio of subtle flavours; pistachio, cappuccino and orange.

All thanks to Amina for organizing this. I hope ya’ll can attend the Kitchen Addiction workshops which you can find out about in their facebook group. Also Debbie of ‘About Thyme’ for allowing us to pose her food for the photos. Last but not least, the chef(s) there who did the beautiful arrangements and got our stomachs rumbling all through



21 thoughts on “Tasty Tuesday – About Thyme

  1. its good i did not see this just before lunch! wah!
    Lovely lovely photos! And the food looks delicious! Huyu dada anapatikana wapi??

  2. Mr. Matheka, this is a great blog. Because I believe you have a lot of following in the diaspora, how about encouraging your faithful crowd to post a photo or two of the where they live or what they eat.

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